What is Mobile Marketing and Why You Should Focus on it?

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World is a constantly changing place and so as marketing world. Marketing is basically oriented towards channels which are flooded with the consumers. So if there are people, there has to be marketing.

If the last decade of last decade of the last century was all about internet and computers, the first decade has been all about mobile computing.

The first five years of the last decade were broadly about broadband revolution and mobile computing through laptops. But last few years have seen a huge shift. Today the biggest buzz word is not PC or Internet, it is MOBILE COMPUTING.

As per a report published by ITU and Wireless Intelligence  (2011), there were almost 6 billion mobile users in the world in 2011. As we stand in half past 2012, I am sure they are well above 6 billion. Mobile devices like cell phones, tablets and e-reader are giving shape to human civilization at this point of time.

Let’s take a look at some of the figures to see how big it has been;

List of country top country with mobile users



There are nearly 160 countries in the world which are using 3G services and numbers of active mobile-broadband users have gone up significantly.

More and more people are using mobile devices like cell phone, tablets and e-readers to access internet than ever before. Mobile devices are user friendly and easy to carry. You cannot carry your laptop the way you can carry your mobile phones and tablets.

If you are roaming somewhere and want to know about a restaurant or some store, you don’t want to go back to your home and use laptop to search that. So you use your mobile device to conduct that search instantly.

This ease of “doing anything anywhere” is propelling the usage of mobile phones and tablets.

It is high time you start looking at mobile marketing as a viable option for your future.

Mobile Devices have become an important part of our life, I don’t think if we can imagine a life without our cell phone or iPad.

what is mobile marketing and why you should focus on it

So if you are not on mobile devices then you are missing from your consumer’s lives and you cannot afford to miss it.

There are applications and services to make your site user friendly on mobile devices but the way apps have been popular in the last few years, it goes out to show that this is the way forward.

There are many ways of doing it; one of the best ways to do mobile marketing is to create an app for you. Creating mobile apps was fairly tough till few years back but as more and more players are getting into business, it has become fairly easy to create and maintain apps.

So you can create an app for your blog or website and use it to attract traffic for your site.

This is the list of few services provider which can help you in creating Android apps for your blog and online business without any cost, yes you heard it right, they are free;









Mobile Marketing could be a great way of achieving high and targeted traffic. In fact there are online businesses which have witnessed better results from the mobile marketing methods.

But Most of the online businesses and bloggers are focusing on conventional marketing methods.

If you are struggling to get traffic for your blog and if you examine the reason you will find out that competition is the biggest factor. Early birds were able to extract best out of it. As anything becomes successful, everybody get attracted towards that and finally that field too becomes “big man show” meant only for few big players.

So if you don’t start today, then chances are you will meet the same fate there also. It is better to start early so that you can exploit the lesser amount of competition in mobile marketing space.

If you haven’t done it before then you can further learn it by doing some research on it. The above list can help you in getting your first app and then you need to market it to attract traffic.

You will need to identify the sources of free traffic for your app. Instagram is one such source.

You can use instagram to generate immense amount of traffic. There are other players also which you can use to generate traffic for you.

In fact mobile marketing is extremely good for internet and affiliate marketers.

As you know mobile devices are used extensively today, so if someone is looking out for something on his or her cell phone and your site pops up there.

But you need tolearn it before you finally venture into mobile marketing because you should always take your best step forward. Once your brand image has gone, it’s gone and it becomes extremely difficult to recreate it.

I am also new to it and learning, I am using a program called mobile monopoly 2.0. It is one of the most popular methods for learning mobile marketing. They also provide you a app creator software which can be used to create gorgeous mobile apps with few simple drags and drop steps.

You can more learn details about  mobile monopoly 2.0 here.

So why don’t you share your thoughts on the concept of mobile marketing and the steps you take to leverage it.

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