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Website performance is the key factor in deciding your rank on search engines and even if you exclude seo, it is always recommended to monitor and work on improving your website performance.

Page Speed is not only one of the biggest criteria for search engines, but it also impact your users experience.

Website performance is the key factor for your online business, be it a ecommerce site, blog or any other form of website.

WordPress blogs are easier to maintain and forums are a bit more resource hungry.

But as your site grows, it becomes imperative for you to take cognizance of your growing business and needs created by that.

Bloggers often ignore website performance oriented activities, probably because most of the tools require some kind of investment and they prefer to invest in premium themes and plugins.

Best practice for website performance optimization is performance monitoring.

Do you have any website performance improvement plan?

If not, then start working on that.

And you don’t have to bother about cost as there are two free tools for your website performance improvement plan.


website performance monitoring with cloudfare and pingdom

Website performance monitoring with cloudfare and pingdom


Cloudfare is a cool tool for website and blog owners. Cloudflare provide a content delivery network with 23 data centers around the world. It significantly reduces your server load by serving the cached files. As content is delivered through various centers which is closed to your visitor’s location thereby increasing the page load speed and delivering better user experience for your visitors.

As per their website, there are 65% fewer requests to your server and it saves 60 % bandwidth.

I was having tough time with website’s performance.

I have purchased lots of premium plugins so there was increased amount of load on my host’s server. After installing cloudflare on my site, there is significant improvement in my website performance.

It comes with a free account and is extremely easy to integrate.

You just have to add few basic details of your site and update DNS settings in your hosting account.

It takes some time to collect data about your site and then you are ready to rock n roll.

There are other similar tools but most of them only provide paid services.


Pingdom is an awesome tool to monitor the uptime of your website and it’s response time. it also comes with a free account along with paid options.

Pingdom could be extremely helpful in monitoring your website performance.

Website performance optimization should be the first thing you should target after setting up your site.

Knowing your response time can significantly influence your online business future.

Pingdom also offer sms alerts with paid options but for small to medium blogs and websites, free option is more than enough.

P3 Plugin Profiler

performance monitoring with P3 Plugin Profiler

performance monitoring with P3 Plugin Profiler

P3 Plugin Profiler is a free wordpress plugin which can provide great insight into website performance. P3 Plugin Profile measures the impact of individual plugin on your site. It is must for every wordpress bloggers.

WordPress bloggers use a lot of plugins to enhance the functionality of their blogs. Information about the resource consumption by these plugins can yield great information.

Often, your server is impacted more by the resources used by your blog than traffic. So if your site has been suffering from slow page load speed, then it could be due to the resource consumption which primarily includes your plugins.

So it is a good idea to have this plugin for website performance monitoring.

Just to sum up,

In the presence of these free tools and plugins, there is no reason you should ignore website performance optimization.

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