Best Social Media Marketing Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is one of the best content management system and plugins add great value to it. There are wordpress plugins for each task and activity. SEO and social media marketing are one of the most important activities for your website promotion. If you are looking for the best seo plugins for wordpress, click here. Social […]

Cherry Framework Review-WordPress Themes from Template Monster

Blog design and layout is the first thing your blog visitors see when they arrive on your blog. In fact, even before they see your content. First impressive is the last impression. Therefore, it is imperative for you to maintain a clean and attractive blog. Some of the most important factors of your blog are; […]

Studiopress Metro Pro Review-WordPress Mobile Responsive Blog theme

Metro Pro from studiopress wordpress themes is one of the best wordpress mobile responsive theme. Magazine wp themes are extremely popular among bloggers. Magazine themes are so popular simply because they present content in a much better way and their design is also attractive. Mobile Responsive blog theme is the new phenomena and you should […]

List of Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2014

Find out list of best wordpress seo plugins for 2014. Seo is imperative for your blog and online business. These wordpress seo plugins will prove useful in improving traffic and business for your blog & website in 2014 & years after it. WordPress is one of the best cms available to bloggers and small businesses. […]

What is Blog and How To Create One?

If this is the first time you are searching about the term ‘blog’, then you are not alone. There are many who are new to the blogging world. Blogging is the current buzz word and it has been so for sometime now but if you still find it hard to figure out what is blog? […]

Benefits of Running a Blog

Nowadays, many people are starting blogs for either personal purposes or to promote their businesses. There are numerous benefits which can be derived from maintaining a blog. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having your own blog. 1. Improved credibility Credibility is very important for winning the trust of customers. Having […]

5 Best Subscribe Plugin WordPress- Newsletters Empowered

Email marketing is imperative in internet marketing. Whether you are a blogger or small business, email marketing forms the basics of your promotional activities. SEO & SMM are cool and important but also, email marketing is critical. You cannot afford to ignore email marketing. You need to work on creating an email list of subscribers […]

How To Add Custom Navigation Menu in WordPress

Custom navigation menu were introduced by wordpress in version 3.0. Custom navigation menu are very useful in providing clear navigation to your visitors. You can easily display sub-categories in drop down menu, create new menu items and further customize it to make your blog more users friendly. WordPress Navigation Menu As per wordpress, navigation menu […]

What is CDN and Why To Use it with WordPress

Before we get into CDN and all of that stuff, let me ask you; What is your tolerance level for a slow loading site? For how long you can wait before it completely loads? Do you like slow sites? I am sure you don’t prefer to wait for longer for anything and a website would […]

How to Customize WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most popular content management system among bloggers and small businesses. Millions of people use wordpress to run blog, websites and ecommerce sites. WordPress is so popular because it’s available for free and easy to install and setup. Now that’s a good part about wordpress but also, the bad one. As it is […]

How To Install Genesis Framework and Studiopress Themes

If you have visited by blog before, you would be aware that I was using thesis themes. I was using blogskin from thesis awesome to further manage it. But with the recent update to thesis 2.0, it became a tedious task to learn and design thesis 2.0 using it’s skin editor. Therefore I decided to […]

WordPress For Beginners- Create A Blog

I have written in the past on how to create a blog using wordpress. But once wordpress is installed, people tend to get confused and rushed into things which is not good for SEO. That is why i am creating this wordpress for beginners guide. In this wordpress for beginners tutorial, i will be taking […]

Social SEO-Facebook Opengraph, Twitter Card & Google+ Author

With the recent changes in search algorithm in Google, social signals and on page seo have become extremely important factors in your rankings on Google. In fact, these changes are not so recent now but if you have been struggling to achieve a high rank on search engines, it could be because of; Lack of […]