Benefits of Running a Blog

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Benefits of Running a BlogNowadays, many people are starting blogs for either personal purposes or to promote their businesses. There are numerous benefits which can be derived from maintaining a blog. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having your own blog.

1. Improved credibility

Credibility is very important for winning the trust of customers. Having a business blog will give you the opportunity to show your expertise to prospective and current customers. You can post informative tips and tutorials about different topics in your niche. When people see your sincerity and expertise, they will be more willing to buy your products and services.

2. Creativity

Personal blogs offer a great opportunity for people to express themselves and to be creative. You can share about your recent escapades while on holiday or blog about your personal thoughts on any given topic. In addition, personal blogs can also be very useful for keeping in touch with loved ones who are far away.

3. Creating communities

A blog can turn out to be a lively community where individuals can learn from each other. For instance, you can use a business blog to build a community around your company or product. Customers can offer each other tips, share their experience of using your products and give recommendations for improvement.

4. Reputation control

Starting a blog is a great way of managing your personal reputation, as well as the reputation of our business. When people make negative comments which would be detrimental to you or your business, you can offer an appropriate response through your blog. Answering questions or clarifying issues publicly will show people that you care, and is likely to restore their confidence in you.

5. Publicity

Every business out there would want to have good publicity. Having a business blog is one of the best ways of creating such publicity. It gives people an opportunity to learn more about your business, as well as your products and services. In addition, having a business blog makes it easy for journalists to write features about your company. Besides creating good publicity, blogs offer a relatively inexpensive way of marketing your business.

6. Extra income

There are several ways of generating income from a blog. First, you could sell advertising space to other related businesses. For instance, if your company sells computers, you could offer advertising space to companies which sell software or computer accessories. You could also make some extra income through paid guest posts and pay-per-click ads. When your blog gets established, you could opt to sell it off at a good price.

7. Social media

Many people get to know about different products and services through social networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Such social media tools can come in very handy when you have a blog. Anytime you post new content, you can encourage people to read it by sharing a link on your Facebook profile. You can also tweet about your latest products and services, as well as upcoming events.


Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger who likes sharing tips for internet marketers and bloggers. Currently, he is writing for MotoCMS templates.

Sharing is Caring
About Charles Mburugu

Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger who likes sharing tips for internet marketers and bloggers. You can follow him on Twitter @techblogke


  1. I would also add that blogging helps polish your writing skills as well as help you clarify your thoughts through putting them onto paper.

    In addition, running a blog is one of the best ways to meet other people in your field of interest. I’ve only been blogging for about 3 months, but I’ve already met so many cool people through my blog that I would have likely never otherwise been introduced to.

  2. Sir I have too many Blogs, Can you write a post on time management Skills for Bloggers ?

  3. Hey bro, I am new to blogging and have been following your blog for the last 2 months. I want to build some quick backlinks for my blog. Kindly help a novice blogger to build some backlinks. I have subscribed to your blog and would like to know your views. My blog is not getting indexed in google.

  4. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I like what you mentioned about reputation control. Many people feel that they should delete negative comments, but I agree with you. If you discuss and clarify the issues with the person that left you a negative comment it shows that, first of all you read the comments and secondly that you respond to comments and care what people write. A good discussion always works in the blogger’s favor.

    Of course, if the criticism/comment was destructive and rude I would not leave it on.


  5. Hi Charles , internet ha seen many mediums used by people but a blog is always the best one. No other medium can match the benefits of a blog. You have worked out few extremely new benefits of a blog that are really not discussed. Thank for sharing with us.

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