How To Install WordPress on Xampp

If you have been wondering on how to install wordpress on xampp or on your local machine then good news is that you are neither alone nor it’s too complicated. If you are a blogger or webmaster who use wordpress to manage your website then it is a good idea to first make changes to […]

Blog Comments and Commenting Roadmap

Blog Comments are vital for any blog and they are one of the most important weapon in the arsenal of any blogger. Blogging is not just about adding post to your blog, it is about creating a live and dynamic community around your blog. Blog Comments are the only way to achieve this by without putting […]

Cutting Edge SEO Tactics for WordPress Site (Infographics)

The Infographic is presenting the simple and easy way to develop SEO friendly WordPress website for your business. It has been designed and developed by Rightway Solution’s WordPress developer and Designer. Rightway Solution is India and USA based trusted offshore open source development company.  It is providing customize solution in WordPress theme development, Plugin development […]

Best WordPress SEO Themes in 2013

WordPress seo theme is not a new phenomenon among bloggers but if it is a new concept for you, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Seo is imperative for getting organic traffic and over the last few years, search engine optimization has gone beyond just link building. Now on page optimization coupled […]

Best SEO Plugins For WordPress in 2013

SEO Plugins are one of the best and easiest tools to add seo punch to your blog or website. WordPress is widely used for blogs and websites, so we are going to focus on best wordpress seo plugins. WordPress plugins are best companion for a blogger to add numerous features and extension to their blogs. […]

Woocommerce Review-WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

WordPress Ecommerce has grown tremendously in the last few years like blogging. WordPress is widely used by bloggers to power their blog but eCommerce is something different for which WordPress was not made for. But as wordpress is user friendly and free, it is quite popular among small businesses and organizations that look at it to power […]

Free Tools For Your Website Performance Improvement Plan

Website performance is the key factor in deciding your rank on search engines and even if you exclude seo, it is always recommended to monitor and work on improving your website performance. Page Speed is not only one of the biggest criteria for search engines, but it also impact your users experience. Website performance is […]

InReview From Elegant Themes-Best WordPress Review Theme For Affiliate Marketing

Inreview theme from elegant themes is the best review theme for affiliate marketers. But if you have been thinking why inreview, then first see why you need a review theme for your blog. Are you an affiliate marketers whose primary aim is to monetize your blogs by writing reviews of various products and earn commission […]

Best WordPress Premium Theme Part 3-Elegant Themes Review

In the series of our best wordpress premium themes review, our next stop is Elegant Themes. Before I go into anything else, I will suggest if you are looking for a beautiful, user friendly and affordable wordpress premium themes, then you don’t even need to read this review, go grab your copy of elegant themes. […]

WordPress Social Media Info-Graphics

If you are in blogging, then most probably you are using WordPress to run your blog. Or You might be contemplating blogging, if so WordPress is the best content management system for you. If you are not sure about WordPress, then i have created this WordPress Hashtag Social Info-grahpics. I have created this WordPress Hashtag Info-grahic […]

How To Avoid Spam in WordPress, Vbulletin And Xenforo

If you are managing a blog or forum then you know the pain of managing and handling spam. One fine day you woke up in the morning just to find your website bombarded by Viagra or porn related content stuffed with links and you end up saying“what the heck is that?” This is called spam. […]

What is Umbraco & How To Install it?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems which are used by not only bloggers but also by many small to medium small businesses to manage their website and online businesses. In fact it is also used some of the biggest name in internet industry. What makes wordpress so popular is the abundance […]

How To Install WordPress

If you are thinking of setting up a website using wordpress but not sure about “How To Install WordPress” then don’t worry you are not alone. WordPress is one of the best content management systems available for setting up your website. In today’s world where numbers of internet users are growing day by day, it […]