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If you are in blogging, then most probably you are using WordPress to run your blog.


You might be contemplating blogging, if so WordPress is the best content management system for you.

If you are not sure about WordPress, then i have created this WordPress Hashtag Social Info-grahpics.

I have created this WordPress Hashtag Info-grahic to show how popular this single word ‘WordPress’ is on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking site and if a single word is so popular, imagine the “How Popular WordPress is”.

Idea behind creating social info-graphic is show the happening around WordPress.

It is just the Peak of an iceberg, WordPress goes much beyond it.

But this cool info-graphic will give you some idea about it.

Wordpress Hashtag Social Media Info-graphics

Please share it, if you like it and leave your comments to help us designing our future social info-graphics.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Yes there is no way to disagree with this. Simply wordpress is the best for blogging. I do use this. And getting so much privileges from this CMS giant.

  2. WordPress Rocks always. its the worlds best blogging platform all the time 😉


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