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Email marketing is imperative in internet marketing. Whether you are a blogger or small business, email marketing forms the basics of your promotional activities. SEO & SMM are cool and important but also, email marketing is critical.

You cannot afford to ignore email marketing. You need to work on creating an email list of subscribers which serve as a loyal reader of your newsletters.

List building should top the marketing agenda of bloggers, internet marketers and small business.

To do effective email marketing, you need;

A good blog or website so that your visitors are interested in joining your subscription list

A good autoresponder like GetResponse and Aweber to create effective email marketing campaign with attractive follow up emails, blog broadcast and newsletters.

Attractive optin form placed on your blog to collect emails.

I have just written a post on updated review of GetResponse so if you are yet to select a email autoresponder, that could serve your purpose.

Having said that, your email marketing campaign is incomplete without putting attractive forms on your blog to create email list.

You are lucky if you are using WordPress. There are quite a few good plugins which can you in creating attractive optin forms and you can also place them in variety of locations with ease. These location are;

  • Header
  • Footer
  • In-post
  • Sidebars
  • Pop-ups

And many more.

You cannot underestimate the importance of these opt-in forms.

Irrespective of the quality of your content, you must use good looking optin forms to create that impression which drive your visitors to join your newsletters.

I have compiled a list of best subscribe and newsletter plugin for wordpress.

Best Newsletter Plugin WordPress

WPSubscribers – I am using WPSubscribers to create and place variety of attractive opt-in forms on my blog. You will find a emailsubscribe plugin wordpress - wpsubscribers opt-in form placed below this post also. I have used WPSubscriber to create that. It allow to me easily create email subscription form my wordpress admin dashboard and I can place it anywhere without any issue. WPSubscribers is one of the best subscribe plugin wordpress. It cost you $ 47. You can easily integrate it with variety of autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse, mailchimp, icontact and many more. You can use ready to inbuilt templates or create your own. You also get Facebook connectivity with it. Their details will be prefilled in subscription form if they are logged in their Facebook account. WPSubscribers also provide additional features like Exit pop up, subscription for commenters, subscribe on user registration and also, you can redirect your visitors on their first comment. It provide good analytics also which help you in understanding the success of email subscription forms. Read WPSubscribers Review for detailed information about it.


Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet – it is one of the oldest and most popular wordpress email plugin. It also provide variety of pop ups, header, footer and variety of other opt-in form for you. It cost $37 so if you are looking for a cheaper option than newsletter plugin wordpress-maxblogpress subscribers magnetWPSubscribers than it is an excellent choice. You get similar features in lesser price. Maxblogpress Subscribers Magnet is also loaded with pre-built ready to use templates and ability create custom opt-in forms. You can try maxblogpress subscribers magnet for $1. Like WPSubscribers, you can integrate whole lot of email autoresponders with Maxblogpress Subscriber Magnet.



newsletter plugin wordpress optinpressor


Optin Pressor – Optin Pressor is another plugin which is extremely popular among bloggers and affiliate marketers. It has got unique designs and very easy to use. Optinpressor is one of the best subscribe plugin wordpress and cost $49. You can provide option of Facebook, Google and conventional email opt-in to your potential subscribers. Like other plugins, it can be easily integrated with many autoresponders.


subscribe plugin wordpress optinbar


Optinbar – Optinbar is well known for providing high quality awesome optin forms. Forms provided by optinbar extremely good looking and eye catching. Optinbar has bought certain kind of innovativeness in email opt-in forms design. it cost you $47. Every other features mentioned above are available with Optinbar.

Optinskin – it is another newsletter plugin for wordpress which deserve special mention. Optinskin provide additional feature of newsletter plugin wordpress -optinskinintegrating social sharing buttons in your email optin form which provide huge boost to your email marketing and viral marketing. You can apply special effects like Fade to your optin forms. You can do split testing with Optinskin. You get good analytics with optin skin which help you in further optimizing your email marketing campaigns. All other features like prebuilt templates, integration with email autoresponders are available with Optinskin. It cost you $67.

Best WordPress Subscribe & Newsletter Plugins Conclusion

Irrespective of the plugin, you should place attractive email opt-in forms on your blog. You should also provide some incentive to join your email list like ebooks. You can write your own ebook or simply purchase some PLR and distribute it.

If your forms are obstructive and poor in design, then your efforts are not going to generate your expected results. Therefore it is imperative for you to place good looking forms on your blog. It is quite tough to manually create opt-in forms using html, php and javascript & then place them using wordpress hooks and codes.

Thus usage of these subscribe or newsletter plugins for wordpress can save you lot of efforts and time.

Please share your thought on these plugins or any other plugin.

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  1. You could consider adding another optin web form from Aweber as a popover (lightbox) on your blog post. One way to do this is by adding one of Aweber’s HOVER web forms. My personal preference is to use these sparingly, however, and only to provide an additional opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter or to announce a special limited-time offer. I find them annoying and sometimes I will just leave a webpage with a popup or popover. I suspect others may react the same way. Learn more about popovers, popunders, and popups here.

  2. all are good but sad none of them are free 🙁

  3. Thanks for sharing Akhilendra, It very interest plugin for WP. And I did have any plugin for new subscribers yet. Anyway, these plugin should be interested for me but I want to spend some time for learning about it. Useful tips

  4. Hi Akhilendra,
    I am thinking of adding optin widget below post for my blog. You have posted the article in exact time. This will surely help me in deciding the best one for me! Thanks a lot. 🙂


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