Effective Email Marketing Tips For Bloggers

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effective email marketing tips

Effective email marketing tips

Effective Email marketing campaigns involve using tips which can help promote your blog and businesses in an effective way. Effective email marketing includes using appropriate squeeze pages, landing pages or sales pages along with well-crafted emails.

Email marketing is one of the most important pillar of internet marketing. Whether you are a blogger or small business, you need to focus on it. You should follow “Best Practice Email Marketing” to derive optimum results.

Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Following email marketing tips will help you in creating a perfect email marketing campaign.

1. Good Email Auto-responder – getting a good auto-responder is the first step of initiating a good email marketing campaign. You need a email auto-responder which provide all kind of tools for effective email marketing with high delivery rates. There is no point in sending emails if they are landing in spam folders. So you need to extremely careful in selecting email auto-responder. GetResponse and Aweber are perfect service providers for bloggers and small businesses.


2. Create Converting Squeeze pages- in order to launch an effective email marketing, you should be able to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters. High converting squeeze pages will help you in encouraging your visitors to subscribers. You should use good template along with “Call To Actions” on it. You should also social sharing buttons on your squeeze pages to get viral traffic. You should also use social power to collect emails. Both Getresponse and Aweber provide forms which you can place on your site where if user is logged into their Facebook account, subscription form will be automatically filled with their names and emails. Similarly you can add your youtube videos, if any.  If you are using wordpress, then you can use plugins like Instabuilder to quickly create high converting squeeze pages. You must use WPSubscribers plugin to place attractive email subscription forms on your blog like in sidebar, posts, below posts, header and footer. You should also use your Facebook fanpage to collect emails. If you are not sure about that, you can use FacebookappsNinja plugin to do. You can also use Instabuilder plugin to create awesome landing pages. If you are internet marketer or small business, then it is must for you. Getresponse also comes loaded with a landing page creator so you can use that as well.


3. Writing Effective Emails – Writing effective emails to your subscribers is the key to success. You should use following email marketing tips to write emails which converts for you.

  • Don’t use too many images and html in your emails. It will land them in spam folders.
  • You should use good subject lines for your emails. Don’t use flashy email subject lines like “Make millions in days”. Try to use subjects which are relevant and at the same time, attractive.
  • Place appropriate call to actions in your emails.
  • You should clearly define the purpose of that emails.
  • Focus on interactivity of your emails. They should address some common problems and their solutions.
  • You should place a link to unsubscribe in your emails.
  • You should craft your header, content and footer will in order to communicate to your subscribers. Do not write long emails unless until it is really required.
  • You should avoid emails on holidays.
  • You should create a good series of follow up emails including your first subscription follow up email. You should carefully choose the number of emails in your follow up series. You should choose an optimum frequency. Your emails should not deliver too many emails in a short succession. So if you are posting multiple posts on your blog then don’t send separate emails for them. You should send a consolidated emails containing of your blog posts. You can also choose among daily, weekly or monthly newsletters. That is why I have emphasised so much on choosing a good email auto-responder. Email marketing service providers like Aweber and GetResponse offer these features.


Email Marketing- Your Turn

These are some of the most important email marketing tips to create an effective email marketing campaign. They are often ignored by many internet marketers and small business. You should use good email marketing tools to bolster your campaign’s performance.

Hope this will help and also, please share your email marketing tips, if any.

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Sharing is Caring
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  1. These are some really good tips for email marketing, bot for new and existing bloggers..Thanks for sharing.

  2. I completely agree with your tips since I often just ignore many of my emails. In addition to that, I think that emails should be made in a more realistic manner, without promises of instant wealth. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are absolutely helpful tips. I’ve just started email marketing this year and I am still working things out on how to be effective in this kind of marketing. Glad to have come across this post.

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