How To Use Email Marketing With Content Marketing

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Content Marketing and Email Marketing has been discussed at length in the past which include “How To Content Marketing” and “How To Email Marketing” topics. But little has been said over how to use email marketing with content marketing despite the fact that it is widely used by small businesses and all of the most successful blogs.

Content Marketing and Email marketing are not separate subjects, they are inter-linked. In-fact closely bonded together. You cannot do proper email marketing without content marketing and vice versa.

In current world, it’s less about the email marketing and content marketing, it’s more about “How To”. So we will look at them with “How To” approach.

How To Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing high quality content in the form of post and articles. Idea is to provide information and content which is helpful for readers. It creates a brand for you which helps in converting visitors to customers and customers to repeat buyers. Content marketing is kind of, Indirect Selling.

Content marketing is one of most successful marketing strategy in the current online world.

Direct selling or push selling doesn’t work anymore.

You need to come up with your own content marketing tactics and content marketing strategy to create a niche for you.

So, what is content in content marketing?

It is the primary driver of your business. You need to create high quality content which is relevant to your niche and business. It should provide some information which could be directly related to your product or service or some allied field.

For example if you are selling a weight loss program which deals with Yoga and aerobics. You should talk about them but also, provide additional information about healthy foods, supplements and healthy lifestyle.

When you create, distribute and share content like that, you create a niche for you which is more powerful. You will be considered as a Guru of your domain and people will trust your recommendations.

So content marketing is more geared towards creating a relationship with your customers through content.

how to content marketing-email marketing

how to content marketing-email marketing

Content and it’s promotion forms the integral part of the elements of a strategy which is required to promote your content and make your content management strategy.

So to sum up content marketing strategy;


  • You need to inform your visitors about a problem/issue/topic related to your niche.
  • Then you need to persuade them to move ahead in that direction by providing them more information.
  • Final step is to back your earlier steps with a strong “Call To Action” step where you introduce your product in order to resolve or satisfy their requirements.

Content Marketing is a very good way of finding good perspective buyers. You can perform a thorough keyword research to understand the demand in your niche. It will also inform you about keywords used by your potential buyers to search information on internet. You can craft your content marketing strategy around it to position yourself in the right direction.

So content is king for you.

Always perform keyword research before writing content for your business. You can keyword research tools mention in out post about “Best Keyword Research Tools“.

Ok so we have content and now what?

We need to promote it. You should optimize your content for search engines to attract traffic from them. But there are other ways of promoting it. Email marketing and social media marketing are very good way of promoting your content.

How To Email Marketing

As mentioned in the previous section, email marketing and social media marketing should be part of your content strategy. But are you thinking;

Why use email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most important driver of your content strategy.

There are many out there on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to endorse their own products. This is a open market where you cannot anticipate the results of your campaign. Though you must try to excel in social media marketing, your subscribers are your loyal readers who have opted for your content.

When you promote your content to your subscribers, results are much better. They often read your content and are much familiar with your content. So when they receive a newsletter from you, they are behave in a certain expected manner which increases the efficiency of your content strategy.

Email marketing is one of the most important pillar of online marketing. So you should focus on social media marketing but also, email marketing.

As mentioned earlier, social media websites provide a huge platform but its “Huge”, so you may get lost. But when you land directly in the inbox of your users, it generates much better conversions.

Let’s look at the some of the pointers to fuel “How to email marketing”;

  • Put attractive subscription forms on your site/blog. if you are using wordpress then you can use plugins like WPSubscribers.
  • You should use good autoresponder like aweber or getresponse. You should be very careful in picking auto-response because it doesn’t serve any purpose if your emails are landing junk/spam folder. I have used Aweber & GetResponse and delivery results are exceptionally good.
  • You should have a blog broadcast at a optimum frequency where you send newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Your frequency should be neither too much nor too less. So based upon your frequency of posting content, devise a moderate frequency.
  • You should also use surveys to collect information and feedback from your subscribers.
  • You should create or buy a PLR ebook and distribute to your new and existing subscribers using your email autoresponder.
  • Aweber and Getresponse provide ability to add social media icons in your email newsletters which you sent to your subscribers. You should enable them for your subscribers to share your content on social sites directly from their inbox.

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Remember, it’s all about email marketing that works. Objective of email marketing is to bolster your content strategy.


If you can get this equation right, then you don’t have to bother much about other things.

How To Content Marketing + Content Strategy+ How To Email Marketing = Content Marketing

Start developing your content marketing strategy using email marketing. It can change your fortune. Content Strategy should be more towards coming up fresh and high quality informative content. You should distribute it among your subscribers to extract maximum out of it.

Please leave your comments to let me know your feedback about it, also, don’t forget to share it on social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to spread the word because sharing is caring.

Sharing is Caring
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