Best Keyword Research Tools For Optimized Keyword Research

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Keyword research holds the key to success of your blog or website. In the world of panda updates when you are never sure about the authority of your site and you may lose ranking anytime, it is best to target keywords with low competition.

Keywords with low competition provides extra advantage by continued high rankings even if your site lose its authority as there are lesser number of sites competing for that particular keywords. Long tail keywords are quite popular among blogger but finding them is a cumbersome task.

You should always perform keyword research before writing any post for your blog. If you don’t do proper keyword research, no matter what, you will never rank high on search engines for your targeted keywords.

Keyword research is an exhausting process and doing it manually can take lots of time. It is better to use some keyword research tool to conduct your keyword research. There are free tools and paid tools, tt is your call to select between free and paid tools but investing in paid tools can get you additional advantages.

Paid keyword research tools offer additional services like on page optimization which is must for high rankings and many more features.

Best Keyword Research Tools


best keyword research tools

Best keyword research tools


Google Adwords Keyword Tool– Google adwords keyword research tool is one of the most popular keyword research tools. It is free. It is better to use it from your adwords account dashboard. You can register at Google Adwords.

Google adwords keyword research tool provide information about the monthly search, level of competition, trends and adwords bidding price.

It is a good tool for beginners.

Bing Webmaster Tools – Bing webmaster tool is offered by search engine Bing. Bing webmaster tool comes loaded with lots of features including keyword research tool. Bing keyword research tool provide keyword related data in the time period specified by you. It is also a free tool.

It is high time you start focusing on Bing as Google has been making lots of changes in the search algorithm. Bing is more stable and has more than enough traffic for you. Bing is the second biggest search engine in the world and can get you millions of hits. So better late than later, start using Bing webmaster tool.

IBP – IBP is one of the oldest and best desktop seo software. You can use to perform keyword research, on page optimization, spy check on competitors, link building and automatic submission to search engines. IBP is a better tool for keyword research because it’s provides additional information like KEI. KEI mean keyword effective index. This information alone is very important in assessing the value of a keyword. You can download their trial version and try it yourself to see the impact it can make to your search engine rankings. IBP is a paid application.

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SEOprofiler – SEOprofiler is as good as IBP and is an online web based seo software. As it is online, you can use it from anywhere and this provides an extra advantage. You can try their full version in $1. It also comes loaded with feature.

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Keyword Winner – Keyword winner is one of the most economical and best wordpress plugin for keyword research.  Keyword winner is a premium wordpress plugin. You can carry out keyword research right from your wordpress admin dashboard. It will tell you about number of links you need to rank high for that keyword, colored marker for level of competition (Green for low competition, Red for high competition) and current trend along with recent past trend.

Keyword winner is the best wordpress plugin for keyword research.

Keyword Winner wp plugin

Keyword Winner wp plugin


08/02/2013 update- Niche Cracker — Niche cracker is one of the best keyword research tool i have came across in recent times. It provide detail information about long tail keywords, it’s competition and profitability. It also provide additional information like maximum profit potential, online intend of the keyword, average click through rate on search engines, monthly advertising expense on PPC campaigns, organic search engine competition, average domain authority for ranking sites and average links. It provide detailed information about the competition.  Niche cracker is one of the best tool for those who do video marketing because it provide information about Youtube also along with providing detailed information about competition for amazon products. So as a internet marketers if you are looking to leverage Youtube and amazon to make money, it is the best keyword research tool.

niche cracker keyword research tool

niche cracker keyword research tool

amazon keyword research tool

06242013 Update — Latest keyword research or seo tool in the news is “WebMeUp“. It is also one of the best seo tool in the market. It is relatively new so you might have not heard about it. Read WebMeUp review

These are some of the best keyword research tools available.

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  1. Prabal Chowdhury says

    Thank you very much for your effort to yield such a good post. I appreciate your writing. There are many tools in the internet for this work. And I’ve already tried most of them. But I’ve found ColibriTool is the best. You can use ColibriTool for keyword research and so many other SEO works. Using the function “find more keywords”, ColibriTool can suggest similar keywords to the ones you are already monitoring.You can also identify keywords visitors typed in order to find your webpage. You can find them in the “suggested keywords” section on the trends panel (they’re marked as “ traffic received”).

  2. I love the Google tools for keyword research. I’ve also been using webmeup and love it! I’ve also used SEM Rush and it’s good too. I’d love to check out the long tail ones more

  3. I find Google Adwords Keyword tool to be extremely useful. The kind of data you can get and that too at no cost makes it a really attractive option!

  4. I think there is no match of google’s adword keyword tool.., because it shows results according to the content searched in google web search.., as google is the biggest search engine thus is understood that Adword must come with quite exact data…

    • Thanks Rohit for stopping by and adding your feedback about Google adwords though i prefer IBP and seoprofiler because they tell me about KEI (Keywords effective index) which shows me the correct value of a keyword. But yes, google adword is a perfect free tool for keyword research.

  5. Nice list of tools,
    Akhil, I think you missed Traffic Travis.

  6. nice applications sounds easy and fun to use were surely try it once

  7. Hi!

    Keyword competition is really tough and keyword research is really a daunting task. Thanks for the suggestions you gave. This will help a lot.


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