Email Marketing Automation- GetResponse Updated Review

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Getresponse Review updated

Getresponse Review updated

Email autoresponder GetResponse has been adding a series of new features in their arsenal. GetResponse is a leading email autoresponder and probably the one with maximum number of highly useful features.

Till couple of months back, they lacked Blog broadcast features but they added it couple of months back.

In this GetResponse Review, we will go through their features and pricing. I will continue to update this GetResponse Review so that it always latest review.

GetResponse Review – Updated

GetResponse offer variety of vital features like;

Email creator to create attractive emails from a huge collection of awesome looking ready to use templates.

Social sharing – you can easily integrate social sharing in your emails.

Intuitive email intelligence which provide awesome email analytics. This feature provide metrics over time, one click segmentation which can be used to send different mail to those subscribers who open your mail and different mail to those who don’t open their mails. You get access to advance reporting like email client stats, social sharing stats, smart reporting, autoresponder stats and email ROI.

Email comparison feature allow you to compare the results of two email messages and find out which one generate better results. You can easily analyze open, clicks, unsubscribed and conversion rate.

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List booster which can be used to import your contacts from variety of services like outlook, gmail, linkedin and Salesforce.

Inbox Preview – this is a very good feature for efficient email marketing. You can see the preview of your email in variety of email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, outlook, AOL and many more.

Free istockphoto Galleryimages are vital to express and communicate your message. They beautify your emails and create emails which converts better. I don’t think there many email autoresponder which provide free images. You get access to istockphoto gallery with GetResponse.

Multimedia Studio– GetResponse provide great feature of adding multimedia to your emails in the form of images and videos. You can easily create audio, video, upload from disk, create your own images gallery and generate QR codes.

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Split Testing – split testing is the backbone of any kind of marketing especially internet marketing. GetResponse provide feature to split test your email marketing campaigns. You can test all aspects of your emails to analyze them and extract better results. You can test;

  • Subject line
  • From field
  • Header
  • Call to action, it’s size, position, color, text etc.
  • Email design like layout, color scheme, images size and position.
  • Personalization tags
  • Email content which include your offers, links and landing pages.

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Time travel – timing is crucial for success in email marketing. You have email subscribers from across globe. If your emails are reaching them at a time which is not suitable for them like early mornings or late night then they are not going to open it. GetResponse provide Time Travel feature which allow you to deliver emails at the same local time in every time zone. For example, if you decide to deliver your emails at 10:00 am, then your emails are delivered at this time to your subscribers in different time zone like London, New York, Tokyo and New Delhi.

RSS To Email – RSS To Email feature is similar to Blog Broadcast feature with more flexibility in designing your emails. You can completely control the design of your emails like number of posts, size of excerpts, size of thumbnails and many more features.

Landing Page Creator– landing page is the most important factor in creating successful email marketing campaigns. GetResponse is probably the only email marketing autoresponder which provide landing page creator. You can;

  • Choose your template from a collection of attractive pre-built templates
  • Change color, font and images
  • Easy drag n drop edition
  • Integrate with your ecommerce
  • Choose your dedicated URL
  • Publish with one click

You can also do many other thing with this. You can track number of visitors, page views, subscribers and test various layouts.

You can also integrate your landing page with Facebook to use it with your fan page.

Marketing Automation – marketing automation is the latest feature in the arsenal of GetResponse. One of the most efficient strategy for email marketing is action driven sequence of follow up emails. You need to monitor if your emails are getting opened, clicked or if users are not opening your emails then how to make them open your emails.

In order to make your email marketing work for you, you need to send mails to your users;

If they open your emails

If they click on links in your emails

If they don’t open your emails

It has been done manually by seasoned email marketers and it takes whole lot of efforts to achieve all of that. It require great skill to target your subscribers.

GetResponse has made it extremely easy with their marketing automation feature.

You can literally target each and every action taken by your subscribers without doing any manual work.

It can prove vital in your email marketing campaign.

GetResponse Review-Pricing

Getresponse Vs Aweber in Pricing

Number of Subscribers Getresponse ($, monthly charges) Aweber ($, monthly charges)
0-500 15 19
501-1000 15 29
1001-2500 25 29
2501-5000 45 49
5001-10000 65 69
10001-25000 145 149
25001-50000 250 Contact Aweber


GetResponse Review  Final Words

Getresponse is the best email marketing autoresponder. They offer great features at great price. I don’t think there are many email autoresponder which provide so many features at such a economical price.

I am currently using Aweber so switching provider will take some time but for those who are yet to choose a email autoresponder service provider or those who can switch, GetResponse is the perfect email autoresponder for your email marketing campaigns.

GetResponse provide many more features other than mentioned above. I have mentioned only highlighted features here.

Email marketing is one of the most important pillar of Internet Marketing. Irrespective of your email marketing service provider, you must do it intelligently and efficiently.

Please leave your comment and share your views about GetResponse and other email autoresponders.

GetResponse Review Updated

05/03/2013 updated— I have switched back to GetResponse from Aweber as i am now getting improved RSS To Email (Blog Broadcast), landing page creator and automated email autoresponder.

GetResponse Review Updated

10/21/2013 updated — GetResponse Review updated-Getresponsive has updated their list of features and new responsive emails from them are simply stunning. Mobile responsive is the key to the future and there are not many email autoresponders which are capable of creating mobile responsive emails.

getresponse review

You will find thousands of pre-designed templates for variety of categories. I have used other services also, i think GetResponse has got best email templates. You can also design your custom email templates using easy template builder.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use free istock photos to further beautify your emails.

And now as they have gone mobile responsive, they are indeed the best email marketing company. If you combine the power email marketing automation with responsive emails, it is the most lethal weapon in your internet marketing arsenal.

Email marketing is crucial and this getresponse review is meant to provide detailed information about Getresponse. I think they are best in the business. There is no other service provider which provide so many awesome features at such a affordable prices.

More and more people are using cell phones and tablets to access their emails. If your emails are not optimized for mobile devices then you could loose great amount of business.

You can create stunning emails and landing pages with responsive templates from GetResponse.


Switching to GetResponse is extremely easy.

Just upload the file containing your existing subscribers and you are done. I have added their pricing chart which will help you in determining the price bracket for you which is economical than other email auto-responder service providers.

Getresponse review latest

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