25 Best WordPress Themes

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A wordpress blog is incomplete and worthless without a neat and clean layout and design. There are many bloggers and small business owners who use designers to design their wordpress blog or ecommerce site.

It is imperative to have an eye grabbing design.

If you visit any website or blog, if it is not pleasant to your eyes, you are not going to spend much time there and you will hardly go back there. In fact, if you visit sites like cnn, bbc or reuters,  they all are well designed and their content is well put together which is not only grabbing your attention but also put relevant contents at front of you in an organized manner so that you spend more time there.

Pinterest is currently one of the fastest growing sites on planet. The biggest USP of the Pinterest has been its design and layout.

So if you want your visitors to spend time on your blog and come back again & again, you should go for the best of the best wordpress theme to design your blog.

Now having said that, no one can tell you which one is best for you and in the world of affiliate marketing you should always do your due diligence before picking any wordpress theme for you.

These best wordpress themes are premium themes and you will have to purchase them so make your decision carefully.

There is nothing like Best WordPress Theme, there are best wordpress themes and you have to pick your theme which is best for you and your blog.

Before you surf through themes, I will suggest you to first understand your requirements like niche of your blog or site and its objective.

For example, internet marketing blog is geared more towards putting advertising banners, opt-in forms whereas a small business need something more high end without these features.

So think about your requirements and then take a call based upon that.

I have compiled a list of 25 best wordpress themes which you can consider for your blog before finalizing a theme for it.

25 Best WordPress Themes

1. Aggregate Theme– Aggregate theme comes from the house of elegant themes. It is one of the best wordpress themes for bloggers.   Aggregate theme comes with loads of widgets and clean navigation & menu along with in-built feature of putting advertising banners. If you are a blogger who is looking for an economical but yet, awesome wordpress theme then aggregate is one of the best wordpress themes available.  And if you are not yet sure then remember, elegant themes is a wordpress theme club, so if you want to switch to some other theme within elegant theme club then you won’t have to pay anything extra.

Aggregate elegant best wordpress themes


2. Elegantestate Theme– Elegantestate theme is also produced by elegant themes and they specifically designed this wordpress theme for setting up real estate websites. So if you want to set up a real estate website then look no further, elegantestate is the best wordpress theme for you.

You can use elegantestate to put nice looking lists, add property info, photos, google map and many more things. Elegantestate themes are perfect for real estate businesses to put their online business on track.

ElegantEstate best wordpress theme


3. Inreview Elegant Theme– if you are an internet marketer who want to set up a blog whose primary objective is to make money by writing product reviews then inreview is the perfect theme for you. It is imperative for a review blog to have nice theme along with features like product ratings, testimonial etc.

Inreview theme comes loaded with all the features required for a review blog.

Inreview elegant themes best wp templates


4. AskIt Theme – if you always wanted to set up a blog or site like Yahoo Answers, then AskIt is a perfect solution for that. It is especially good for small businesses or blogs who want to provide support or create a community around their brand and blog. Users can post question which can be answered by fellow members.

askit elegant themes wp qna templates


5. TheSource Theme – Images, Graphics and slideshows are one of the best methods to create a pleasing eye grabbing websites. But there is a downside to it. Your site will become slow and will lose on seo. TheSource is one of the best themes to do it without compromising on your site’s speed or seo.

TheSource is a three column magazine style themes with full-width homepage slider that can be used to create high end elite website and blogs.


TheSource best wordpress themes


6. Whoswho Theme– Whoswho is a premium wordpress theme from elegant themes club which can be used to create sophisticated blogs. This theme is based on news site which are extremely popular. So if you are looking to have an awesome looking blog, then it is the perfect choice for you. It comes with all the features offered by elegant themes like configurable design and easy to use shortcodes.

 whoswho wordpress theme


7. Sliding Woocommerce Theme – Sliding theme is produced by Woothemes. It is a perfect theme for online store who want to grab their customers attention by showcasing their products through attractive images and graphics. You can also show your best selling products using sliding theme. They are extremely easy to configure and are simplistic in design which makes them perfect for online stores.

sliding best ecommerce wordpress theme


8. Simplepress Theme– Simplepress theme is a simple theme as the name suggests and comes from the house of elegant themes. It consists of a fine slider which can be used to show the highlights of your site or blog. It is mainly targeted towards those who want to have a clean website.

simplepress themes


9. Sentient Ecommerce Theme- Sentient is an ecommerce or rather woocommerce theme create by woothemes. It is perfect for slightly bigger online stores who want to showcase more products without compromising on the display of individual product.  You can literally see the high standards in utilizing space in this theme. Like all other woothemes, it is also loaded with features and allow completely customization.

sentient wp ecommerce theme


10. eNews theme – eNews theme from elegant themes is one of the best theme for setting up blogs based upon news sites. It is a perfect theme to put content in user friendly manner with a clean and attractive design.

news blog theme


11. Magnificent Theme – Magnificent Themes is one of the best wordpress themes with four column and 5 widget ready areas. There are seven different color schemes and you have full control on content display customization.


magnificient wordpress theme


12. eStore Theme – if you want to set up an online store with ease, then eStore is one of the best premium wordpress themes for you. You can easily integrate payment options like Paypal with it without any additional efforts. eStore is a highly configurable theme meant for online stores.

estore best theme


13. Boutique ThemeBoutique theme comes from elegant themes and it is as good as eStore theme. You can customize every part of your theme and easily integrate various payment methods.

boutique elegant theme


14. Magazine Theme – Magazine themes are extremely popular among bloggers and small businesses. Magazine theme from studiopress themes are one of the best wp themes available for bloggers. Studiopress themes are based on Genesis Framework. These are extremely good for setting up a seo and user friendly blog.

wordpress magazine theme


15. News Studiopress Theme – we have already gone through some of the best News themes but no premium wordpress theme discussion can be completed without discussing Studiopress Themes. News Studiopress Theme is a hell of a wp theme. I will suggest you to look at the design and cost. As far as configuration and other aspects are concerned, most of these themes are really good, so you need to look at your blog and decide.

news theme


16. Associate Theme – associate theme is produced by studiopress themes. It is an ideal theme for corporates.  It comes with 4 color, 3 layout options, custom header, background, fixed width and threaded comments. It is an excellent theme to put your content in corporate style.

associate business themes


17. Agency Theme – Agency theme is created by studiopress themes. It is an excellent for you if you are offering some products and services. You can even integrate woocommerce plugins into it to take your online business to the next level. Just like Associate Theme, it is also loaded with the features like multiple colors and layout options along with custom menus, featured images and mobile responsiveness.

corporate business wordpress themes


18. Corporate Theme – Corporate theme from studiopress theme is in line with associate theme and agency theme. It is also a very good theme for brands and organizations.


corporate business wordpress themes


19. Generate studiopress theme – Generate theme is one of the best theme for bloggers, affiliate marketers and internet marketers. It comes with very attractive opt-in forms to collect and build your email list. Packed with 4 color styles, 3 layout options, custom background, feature images, footer widgets, mobile ready and threaded comments. Generate Theme is one of the best wordpress themes.

generate wordpress premium niche theme


20. Canvas premium WP Theme – if you are looking for a wp template which is highly configurable then Canvas Theme from Woothemes is the perfect theme for you. You can literally customize everything which you can think of. It also supports Google fonts, portfolio management, custom widgets and also, Tumblog functionality with iPhone App publishing. It definitely deserves a consideration if you are a blogger looking for a good theme.

canvas 2012 wordpress premium theme


21. Delicious Magazine Theme – Delicious Magazine theme is another good magazine theme from Woothemes. It is a premium wp theme with special focus towards images and typography. Though it is a magazine theme, you can use it for variety of purposes and fully customize it.

best wordpress magazine themes


22. Fresh news Theme – Fresh News theme is one of the oldest themes from woothemes which has been really popular among bloggers. Its primary USP has been 18 alternative color styles with full customization options.

fresh news wp theme


23. Bold News Theme – Bold news is another news and magazine theme which could attract lots of bloggers.  Bold news is a clean news theme with featured post slider and ready to use ad banners.

bold woothemes wordpress theme


24. Affilo theme – Affilo theme is a unique theme designed for internet marketing blogs and sites. Affilotheme is one of the best options for internet marketers. It covers every aspect of an internet marketing blog. It comes with lots of features and tools which are not available with any other wordpress theme like affiliate redirect tool which you need to purchase separately with other themes.  Affilo Theme gives you everything which you will need for internet marketing and people often spend lots of money on purchasing additional tools to perform various tasks like creating squeeze pages and email opt-in forms.

affilo theme internet marketing wordpress theme

25. Thesis Theme – Thesis Theme is one of the most talked about wordpress premium theme. Thesis theme 2.0 has been recently released and with it, it has become extremely easy to customize it. Earlier, it only came as a theme framework and required technical skills to customize it but now it is as easy with other theme but still, Thesis theme is one of the most expensive wordpress premium themes.

thesis theme


There are varieties of premium wordpress themes available in the market and deciding the best theme for you could be a tough choice to make. Premium theme is first but not the last thing which you need to get for your blog, so don’t waste all of your time in searching for themes.

You should always check for code quality, seo level, ease of use, support and customized configuration while shopping for the theme of your blog.

All the themes mentioned here is 100% compliance with these factors.

Personally I believe that if you want to make money from your blog or site, premium themes are must for you.

If you are not sure about your choice, then theme clubs are best for you as you get lots of options to choose from. Elegant themes club is the best and most economical wordpress premium theme club where you pay less than $ 1 per theme. You also get additional plugins with themes, so elegant themes are best for low budget bloggers without compromising on quality and variety.

Woothemes and Studiopress themes are slightly expensive than elegant themes but they provide unique themes and if you like any of their themes, then you can’t go wrong with them.

Affilo Theme is a perfect all-in-one theme for internet marketers.

If you are using any premium theme from the list above or else, please share your experience.

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