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Hostgator is one of the best web host available for the bloggers. It provides awesome support and responsiveness. Their shared hosting account is more than enough to support few thousand page views per day so if you are looking for a great web host, then hostgator is the best host.

They offer a default coupon when you sign up with them but the discount is less. People often look at the cost before finalizing their purchase. If hostgator is outside your budget then we have come up with the hostgator discount coupon for the month of September 2012 which can help you getting great bargains.

You can use akhilendrasep2012” coupon code to get 25 per cent discount which is more than the 20 per cent discount which is given by default coupon.

hostgator discount promo coupon code september 2012

Hostgator provides three kind of shared hosting plans which are called Hatchling plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan.

They offer great features with all of them. The basic difference between these plans is the;

  • Number of domains you can host on them.
  • Shared ssl certificate
  • Private ssl certificate & IP number

If you are looking to start blogging or already have a blog with some other host, then you can pick the Baby plan as it offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

If you want to go for SSL certificates, then you can look at Baby and Business plans.

So when you click on order now button, it will take you to the step 1 “Choose a domain name” page, after the domain name section you will find a section which will ask you to enter the coupon code.

Very often this section is already filled with a default coupon code which only provides 20 per cent discount under most of the circumstances.

In that section, enter  akhilendrasep2012.

hostgator discount promo Coupon Code september 2012


Enter other details and bang, you will get 25 per cent discount of the total amount of purchase. To get the maximum benefit, try to go for annual subscription because they will charge you less for tha than the per month tarrif.

Happy shopping, let me know if you have doubt or confusion regarding redemption process for Hostgator discount coupon for September 2012.

Once gain, hostgator September 2012 discount/promo coupon code = akhilendrasep2012

10/15/2012 updateHostgator 25 % Discount Coupon code (Forever) = akhilendrablogdiscount


Sharing is Caring
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