Can You Sail through Next Google Panda Updates?

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If you are not aware of Google Panda Updates then let me first explain it you, Google Constantly make updates to its search algorithm to improve its search criteria, these changes are called Google Panda. Objective of Google Panda update is to lower the rank of low quality sites or sites containing too much of advertising content.

Google Panda is a good thing for Ethical Blogger and Website owners whereas Bad thing for spammers. So if you are someone who was involved in link farming or had too many advertisements on your blog then you know how your site lost its rank in its last updates.

Google Panda Update


Matt Cutt from Google recently spoke about it in SES conference in San Francisco. He used words like “jarring and jolting” while describing the nature of next Panda updates. He later clarified about this, but news like this is more than enough to shake the webmasters and bloggers across globe. It may create havoc for many blogs and websites.

Impact of next Google Panda

If you are still not sure what it means for you, then you need to understand one simple fact that it may drastically reduce or increase the traffic for your blog or site. These new changes will definitely act upon bloggers who have been involved in unethical search engine optimization technique like link spamming.

So if you have been using applications to create mass back links for your website, then this is the time you should stop doing that.

How to handle Google Panda

There are two things;

You should not wait for Google to change its algorithm to do ethical practices, always practice them.

And if you don’t do it in general then better start doing it.

One of the best ways to prepare for Google Panda updates is to constantly work upon your blog or website. It can be steady and slow but you won’t have to bother about any update which can sabotage your entire blog.

Is SEO Dead? Answer is No.

You can still continue to create back links but through white hat techniques like;

Blog Comments

Blog Comments are extremely useful in creating back links quickly. You should comment with responsibility and focus upon creating a value for your name and your blog rather just commenting.

Read More about Blog Comments

Guest posts

Guest Posts are also very good in establishing your brand, traffic and back link for your blog. But make sure you guest post only on blogs of niche. You should primarily focus big established blog but you have to wait longer there and your posts may not be easily accepted there so you send also target Tier II blogs.


Forums are also very good for generating traffic, back links and branding. Forums are very helpful because there are lots of like-minded people socializing together with a purpose.

Again, rules of game are simple and same. Your contribution has to be positive.

Social media marketing

Social media has become a great source of everything mentioned above for blogs and other kind of websites.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can send thousands of visitors every day.

.And just to reiterate, the days of link building through unethical practices are soon going to be over.

As mentioned earlier, Blog Comments and Guest posts are keys to create back links for your site.


Last but the most important factor in blog’s success is the content of your blog. You should always focus upon the content of your blog.

You should focus on people. If you can please your visitors, you can please Google.

Google Panda


You should answer these questions before you expect your blog to succeed;

  • Is your post going to answer any important question?
  • Is the answer comprehensive?
  • Are you providing solutions to your visitors?
  • Are you approving and replying to visitors comment promptly?
  • Are you encouraging your visitor to comment upon your blog?
  • Are you putting efforts to create a community around blog?
  • Do you comment on other’s blog?
  • Do you take part in communities on other blogs and forums?

Content is the king so focus upon that. If you have got good content then visitors will subscribe for your post. They will come back again and again.

Even if search engine optimization of your site is not top notch, you can manage to get descent amount of traffic in early days.


Gradually you can build upon that traffic, so for example you are getting only 50 visitors / day through search engine. And you content is awesome, they will subscribe to your feed and come back again and again.

Now if you add 50 new users every day and then 35 recurring visitors coming directly to your website every day. Then at the end of the year, you will have;

50 X 365 = 18250

35 X 365 = 12775

Now if you add them, you are having 31025 which is not a bad number for a blog which is new without much of search engine optimization.

But ideally you should expect many more visitors than these because if you content is good then it will be shared by your visitors. So now if you look at the numbers, they are going to be much more.

I have just thrown few numbers to show the potential of positive practices. You can always do improvisation to make it 3, 00,000 visitor per annum or even more.

Please leave your comments, they will help me in understanding your thought process and design my content accordingly.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Hi Akhilendra!!! dude very nice post. And thanks for sharing these tips with us,…yes,we realy have to be on our toes evrytym for seo or else will be hit by our counterparts…
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    karbonn A30 vs micromax A110

  2. Hi Akhilendra! well nice post. Recently one of my blog got hit by Google and which resulted in my rank going down to 11 page in google for its own domain name. Google is very rude in killing niche blog market. You know when they hit my blog there was no update by google that they have launched an another big update just a week ago and still many others do not know. After that many big blogs confirmed the same like seomoz and then finally google accepted the same. The one big major thing which all should know is that try to cure their blog with any black hat technique, any suspicious activity which will google find can ban your blog from google search.
    Btw. Nice blog Akilendra keep doing the great work 🙂

    • That’s True Navneet, in today’s world when every now and then we find ourselves struggling in the middle of some update. It’s better to follow white hat seo techniques to avoid major problems but i guess it has become the part of life for every blogger and webmaster. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, i am sure it will help many. I wish you luck and a very happy & prosperous new year to you and your family. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  3. With every new Panda update that comes trucking along, SEO strategies must be altered accordingly. Just like most other businesses, you gotta stay on your toes at all times, or else you’ll fall behind.

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    Great work you have done akhilendra, the way you cover the google panda info it is really great, you have done a great job and professional post about google panda update. Keep it up and share more.


  5. Very well written akhilendra.You raised some important points.

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