Why You Should Not Buy Thesis Theme?

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Why you should not buy Thesis Theme?

Does it sound weird!

Everyone seems to be going Gaga over it on internet.

It is because of its wide network of affiliates.

I am also an affiliate and written quite a few post on its stating “why you should buy Thesis Theme?”

Let me say it again, Thesis use to be one of the best option and it is still a very good wordpress premium theme.


So, the point is “Are you going to invest everything in your Theme?”

Come on, if it such an awesome theme, then Google and Facebook will modify and use it.

Thesis is a GOOD theme like many other themes and you need a good theme, Period.

Whether it is Thesis or some other, should be immaterial.

Why You Should Not Buy Thesis Theme?



Thesis has recently announced that its version 2.0 would be releasing on oct-01-2012.

Thesis 2.0 will have better control on styling and user friendly interfaces to design any kind of website.

Yes, it is damn good from the customization point of you.

You can literally design anything and everything from a beautiful user friendly interface.

But here is the catch, (actually not a catch, but the TERMS)

There are Free Upgrades for Thesis Theme users with Personal Option but prices for new license will increase once thesis 2.0 is released.

So if you are currently using Thesis Theme, then you can add the developer Add on in $77 if you want everything.

Once Thesis 2.0 is out, prices will be increased for both, Personal and Developer option.

Thesis 2.0 Review


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Honestly, I don’t understand “maximum benefits” in this.

A person with non-commerical intends will always purchase a personal option, why on earth a company will charge you for upgrades within a specific period of time.

So if you are a blogger who is looking to get a well optimized theme for your blog with no intend to further work upon that theme to use it on your client’s site or any other commercial purpose then you don’t need to purchase developer option.

It’s ridiculous if a company selling anything ask you to pay extra amount just to get updates within a specific period.

But I bought it.

Got Carried Away

As you can see that I am also using thesis, but right now I can only say that “I got carried away” by all the hype which is created around thesis theme.

I still maintain that Thesis is a good theme but it’s about making the right purchase decision.

There are other themes available in market which does offer FREE upgrades for a specific period of time.

I know;

Thesis Theme creator and its affiliate (like me) are going to say it is the best theme and they should be saying that, after all it’s their business.

But would you listen to them?

Learn from other’s mistakes.

I have also purchased content management systems for my other sites like vbulletin and xenforo & they too, offer free upgrades for a specific amount of time.

It’s not about the price; it could be $500 dollars for Personal option but what kind of future you will have with it?

You need to ask this.

I am using Thesis and even after making manual changes to it, I purchased Blogskin (Thesis Skin) from Thesis Awesome to make my job easy and it really helped me.

So it’s not about money for me.

It’s about making correct investment decision.

I am a firm believer that every blogger who use wordpress, should have a customized theme whether they purchase a premium wordpress theme or hire some developer to manually edit some free skin, it’s up to them.

But that doesn’t mean that our entire blogging strategy should revolve around theme or around “one particular theme”.



Let’s see what Thesis Theme can do for your blog and why it is so liked. (Yes, I said liked because it is a good theme but overpriced & highly overstated)

  • Well optimized code
  • Offer flexibility in customization
  • In build SEO Options

In-built SEO Option is the most over-rated aspect of Thesis Theme.

Let’s see what it does in SEO options;

  • Custom title
  • Custom meta description
  • Custom keywords
  • Well optimized code will have impact on page load, reduced broken links etc. (Positive effect)

SEO option doesn’t mean that;

  • It is going to create backlinks for your site.
  • It is going to do keyword research for you.
  • It is going to set up your social media marketing campaigns on autopilot.


There are hundreds of Free Plugins available to achieve the SEO functionality of Thesis.


To do SEO activities like on page optimization, backlink creation, keyword research and social media marketing, you will either do them manually or invest in separate tools like SEOPressor or Keyword Winner plugin.

Point is,

If there other economical options available in market which offers similar scalability and code optimization, then why would you put your money in something which doesn’t even come with upgrades or you have to purchase developer option just for the sake of getting upgrades.

For example- Genesis provide not only the framework but also a child theme in approximately same price.

You are not going to send someone to Mars on Thesis; or for that matter any other theme.

Don’t expect too many things from your theme. It’s “YOU” who is going to drive your blog and not some theme.

Put your money where your mouth is.

If you are looking for a something which helps in getting better traffic then learn SEO and Social media marketing.

Your learning would be permanent and you haven’t to pay anybody for upgrades. (Well you can pay yourself)


When you make any kind of investment or purchase decision, you also need to think about your future goals and path.

As mentioned earlier, you need a well optimized premium wordpress theme for your blog.

There are other alternative which are equally good in functionality and budget.

I won’t call them Thesis’s alternative because they all are good enough to have their individual identity.

And yes, I am their affiliate. These themes which could help in you designing your next blog are;

Viable Premium Themes

So, I am not going to upgrade to Thesis 2.0 and will be switching to one of these themes. (Good for me)

Are you going to upgrade or buy Thesis Theme 2.0? (Good for you)

Leave your comment to let me know.

10/01/2012 — Thesis 2.0 is released and if you are using it’s Personal Option also, you can download it from your member area.

10/04/2012 – Thesis 2.0 pricing has been released and they are;

Thesis 2.0 Basic – $ 87

Thesis 2.0 Basic Plus – $ 164

Thesis 2.0 Professional – $ 197

Are you going to buy thesis after this?

Share your thoughts on this.

09/02/2013 update — It’s been few months since i have moved to studiopress themes. I am currently using eleven 40 pro theme. This theme is well optimized for seo and provide great features. To read more about it, click here.

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  1. Well your argument about thesis is well understandable you made everything clear to me and is good to invest our money wisely as you suggested, and i hope thesis developer should see this post and make positive change to their price and upgrade structure

  2. You said if thesis is so good, then Google or Facebook will modify it and use it. Do you think Google or Facebook need or runs on wordpress.. Not atleast me.. Be practical dude..

    • Vivek, that was an example to reflect the gravity of the hype which is created around thesis. i can understand that as a affiliate marketer, it might be in your interest to promote thesis. I am also an affiliate with thesis and other themes, i am using thesis and gone through in details of other themes. I bought thesis just because of the hype which is created around it. I mean thesis is presented as a solution to traffic problem whereas a theme (thesis or any other) is meant to serve it purpose and it cannot provide solution to most of the problems which a blogger face. What you will achieve with thesis, can be easily achieved with other themes. I don’t mean to offend you but if someone is yet to purchase any premium theme, then it is worth checking out other themes also, then one can take a call with open mind.
      Thanks for your comment, i appreciate you added a counter view which will help other readers in understanding the issue.

      • I am not affiliate of Thesis themes.. And I believe Genesis is the best theme framework and I also design my own custom child themes : My blog is an example..

        • That’s my point Vivek, in that price segment, Genesis is the best. If one cannot design their themes then they can use something like studiopress themes. Thanks for clarifying.

  3. What do you think about Genesis? I was planning on buying Genesis to redesign my blog. I like it because it’s cheaper than Thesis and it looks like Genesis supports more customization features.

    • Genesis is awesome, in fact my next post is about Studiopress themes which is based upon genesis framework but if you are looking for economical but good option, then you can check out Elegant Themes also. You will get too many options and prices are much lower than genesis also.

      • I have some experience with Elegant Themes, but I want to be able to custom design my website and to do that I want to use Genesis and their Prose theme. I also have experience with a framework called Ultimatum that I used to design my site http://www.aquariumwatch.com.

        • well if you have experience with elegant and you are looking for more control on customization, then yes, Genesis is better. Thesis is an over-hyped themes, i mean it’s good but there is nothing exceptional in thesis which separates it from Genesis or Woothemes.

          Genesis is one of the best themes.

  4. very good information.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. hi, i am also looking to start a blog using wordpress and i was looking for an premium wordpress theme. This review definitely helped me.

    Most of the time, i only get to see reviews of thesis theme and wasn’t even aware of these other themes.

    I have checked them, elegant themes are not only economical but also good. i am also checking magazine theme by studiopress and woothemes.

    I will definitly use one of these and not Thesis theme.

    thanks for sharing

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