Best WordPress Premium Theme- Thesis Review

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Thesis Theme is the best wordpress premium theme. But first we need to understand why we need premium wordpress themes when there are so many free wordpress themes available in the market.

Thesis Theme Review will some of their most important features and the way it performs.

If you are running a blog using wordpress for hobby and there are no intentions to take ahead in the direction of monetizing it, then you are not required to go for a premium wordpress theme but if you are thinking of using your wordpress blog to make money parttime or full time, then this is the time you should seriously start thinking about investing in the premium wordpress theme.The Thesis Theme for WordPress

Your website running on wordpress or any other content management system is like a showroom where if the showroom is not well organized and aesthetically designed then your chances of doing business or buying anything from there are drastically reduced. In case of offline business, probably you may end up buying something because of some other factor like cost, reputation etc. but in the case of online business, your website design is the first thing which is going to impact on the visitor and if it is not pleasant to your visitor then your chances of doing well in your online entrepreneurship, then it will be severely impacted.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress

There are many factors which are important for you to consider before finalizing any theme irrespective of it being free or paid. To name few important factors, they are;

  • Technical structure
  • Search engine optimization
  • Flexibility
  • Support
  • Updates

These factors are very important and not easy for an free theme provider to achieve. Technical structure of a theme greatly influence the loading time of your site which is extremely critical for your website’s success. As we know traffic is the only way to make money online and there is no traffic like free traffic. You cannot achieve this without proper search engine optimization of your site.

You can do the on page optimization but doing off page optimization requires special technical skills and if you are not sure about what you are doing then you may end up screwing everything up. Thesis does all the search engine optimization for you.

WordPress theme should be the first thing you should think about if you thinking of a wordpress blog. Unless untill you have a light, flexible and well-optimized theme, you cannot expect to grow in blogging.

Let’s see why more than 50000 bloggers worldwide use thesis, mind you these are some of the most successful blogs on internet.

1. Thesis Site Options– It allows you to control the way your blog appear. You can define columns, title tags, seo, navigation menu, categories and many more things like additional scripts.

Thesis Theme Site Option

2. Design Options – This particular option completely control the way your site looks. You can control display option, feature box, teaser posts,font’s colors, font’s size, Post Images and Thumbnails. It also allows you to set multimedia feature of your site. Feature box, teaser posts and multimedia features are extremely good and you can give your blog a new face. You can customize your font’s color and size to suite your needs. You can also customize your navigation settings.

Thesis Theme Design Option

3. Header 

Thesis Theme Header Image

4. Favicon Uploader

Thesis Theme Favicon Uploader

Thesis is extremely flexible and you can do whole lot of things with it. Their support is awesome and they produce regular updates to keep your site in sync with latest technology. I have been using Thesis for more than a year and I can definitely recommend it to anybody who is serious about blogging.

And if you are already using Thesis Theme, why not leave your comment and let others know about your experience.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress

09/24/2012 update – Thesis 2.0 is going to release on oct-01-2012 and prices are going to increase for Personal and Developer Option. So if you are looking to purchase Thesis, then this is the time you do it.

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  1. This is really good published article. Such a great yet interesting post. Thank you very much for sharing this useful stuff.

  2. As you reviewed thesis is extremely flexible and anyone can edit thesis with basic knowledge. What I like most on it is for the great SEO feature. Great review.

  3. My some of Blogger friends using Thesis themes without having no issue. It is suitable to the power of SEO in these days. I just want to take a chance with Thesis. Currently, I am using Genesis framework which is also enough for the latest technology.
    Best Regards!

  4. Hi this looks very inviting. I have just set up a blog using webeden. But this theme looks much more superior. If I set another one up I think I will definatly have a look.

    So for that thanks lee


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