How Web Analytics Can Change Your Blogging Career?

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Web AnalyticsDo you monitor your web traffic? If you don’t then that is one of the best things to kill your blog or site. Monitoring and tracking your website traffic is the first and the most important thing to do for a webmaster.  As we all put a lot of focus on search engine optimization of our sites and do whole of things to bring traffic to it but unless until you know what workings and what’s not? Practically you are shooting in dark. Website Traffic Monitoring is imperative for a successful blog.  It is one of the easiest things to do in most of the activities which are involved in a blog development.

There number of things which you need to observe and analyze in your website traffic’s report. To name few;

Traffic Overview

To begin with, you should carefully examine the Traffic overview of your site. It will give you the number of visits to your site, unique visitors, and page views. These are the first few things which can give throw great light on the traffic details of your site. There is little other important information available in your Traffic Overview report and they are;

  • Average Visit Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • % New Visits

You can get whole lot of information from your website report like Demographic information; browser and OS related information’s. These details have the potential of telling a entirely different story than what you expect. A new platform which is widely being used and rapidly increasing is Mobile Platform. Information related to browsing your site on Mobile Devices can greatly influence your decision of developing a App for your site.

If your site has got good traffic on these devices, you should definitely think about creating Apps for your blog. There are also other minor details in your initial traffic overview report which can make major impact on your blog’s success. Web Analytics will have a landmark role to play in blogging career.


Web Traffic Monitoring is the best tool


Traffic Sources

This is a very important part of your web analytics and you should pay proper attention to it. Broadly classifying, there are three major traffic sources for your blog;

  1. Search traffic
  2. Referral traffic
  3. Direct traffic

Now let’s go through them in detail,

Search Traffic

This is the traffic which is referred to you by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and etc. This particular section tells you about the success of your search engine optimization campaigns and practices. Search traffic is directly proportional to your search engine optimization level.  The more traffic you get from it, the better you are. The best part about search traffic is the fact that it is free. You cannot succeed in blogging or internet marketing unless until your site is properly optimized for search engines. This report will show you the keywords which are driving traffic to your blog from these search engines along with the position.

So you can easily identify the strong and weak points of your blog’s SEO.

Referral Traffic

Just like Search Traffic, Referral traffic is also very important for your website’s web analytics. It shows you the traffic which you are getting from other sites. These sites may be the sites on which you are commenting, doing blog post and last & definitely not the least social networking sites. So if you have got a twitter id, Facebook Fan page or Google + id, this piece of information will tell you if you are able to drive traffic from these sites to your site.

How Web Analytics Can Change Your Blogging Career?

Since the emergence of social networking sites, Referral traffic has also become very crucial for blogging success. As we all know the kind of traffic these social networking sites can generate for your blog, it is imperative to pay proper attention to this section.

Direct Traffic

Last but not the least ‘Direct Traffic’, direct traffic means the visitors coming to your site when they directly type your blog’s address or URL in their web browser. This is gradually becoming the most important factor of all. The reason is very simple, when you get a visitor from search engines or some other website, the visit is random and user may soon disappear. But when a visitor is typing your address in the web browser, then it means that the visitor is really pleased your site and its content. Direct traffic reflects the authority of your site in true sense. So it can be truly said that direct traffic is directly proportional to the authority of your blog or website.

And, your success in online business is directly proportional to the authority of your website. So create great content and add value to your visitor’s life.


Web Traffic Monitoring


Other important sections in your web analytic report

Content – This part is as important as the sections mentioned above. You will write 100 posts on your blog but only few will get good traffic. There will be always few posts which will get more traffic than others. It can tell you about ‘Hits’ and ‘Flops’ of your blog. If you are aware of your visitor’s choice, you can take your blog in that direction to gain their loyalty. Content report will have its own sub-section which will yield you better picture about your blog’s traffic.

  • Landing Pages
  • Exit Pages

Site Search – site search is important information in your web analytics report. You have got just random users then they will simply come and go but if visitors are indeed spending some time on your site and they are interested in your content. They will definitely use site search option if available on your site to look for more information. So you should always provide an option of ‘Site Search’ to your visitors.

Web Analytics Tools

Now as you know that web analytics is so important that you should be doing it, you also know the tools which can be used to do it. Along with that, you should also know the cost of using those tools. The best part about this is that there are few tools which are free and they offer great features like Google Analytics and Statcounter.

I have been using both of them to know much more about my blog’s visitor. They both are quite comprehensive and as they are free, I use both of them. If you are already using some other tool or have something to add, why not leave your comment.

And yes, if you liked this post and found it useful, why not share it with your friends and family.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. google ha sgiven us almost everything we need for blogging, it is good that we have tools like analytics, webmaster tools and adsense. i believe one should use these tools to increase productivity, great share

  2. Hi Akhilendra,

    I truly love the way you laid this this post. Instead of giving some bogus details about the things to analyze on your site, you simply gave details of just the necessary areas which is much more beneficial to us all. thanks for sharing.

  3. Web traffic Analysis is a most invaluable service for all those who have online businesses.Web analytics can help you figure out the most effective tactics for your marketing campaign. Web analytics can also be used to help you track your offline efforts. But i think the value of the analytics comes from the action you take on that data.

  4. Yeah Web analytics plays an very important role in knowing the exact behavior of your visitors.Without knowing where your traffic comes from or when and why it leaves, your website will not be able to become the successful website you want it to be.Website analytics provide a wealth of useful information that give insights regarding website performance and help a website owner make improvements.Nice list of tools but I think you should remove Yahoo analytics from your list because Yahoo will discontinue it soon.I think PHP page counters give you ample information on what order the visitors are accessing pages and what they prefer.

  5. One thing you don’t want to do…is check your stats too often!

    Once a week is quote often ehough.


  6. Hi akhilendra great points here my blog is new and I have just started using google webmaster and analytics. I put my site into them a few days ago and the information still hasn’t come up yet? I presume it takes a while.

    Great help thanks lee

    • thanks lee for your comment,

      Please verify that your site is properly added to analytics and webmaster,
      if it is properly added then you should be able to see data in maximum one day and one more thing, i see that you are not using commentluv while making comments.

      I mean it’s your wish and you are most welcomed to make comments the way you like but if you use commentluv by checking the checkbox, you will get Dofollow backlinks for your website which is very good for seo.

      let me know if you need information on using it.

  7. Thanks Sandeep for dropping and leaving your valuable comments. As you correctly pointed out, we can judge our visitor’s behavior in order to have a deeper understanding of how they look at us. Thanks,

  8. Hi Akhilendra….
    Very impressive article bro….
    We need a measurement criteria to evaluate our effort and success.
    Web Analytics help them in this.
    You can check how much effort you have put and how much traffic your are geting from different sources.
    Apart from this we can judge the behaviour of our visitors and can change our next step accordingly.

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