Best WordPress On Page SEO Tips And Tricks

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WordPress On page SEO tips and techniques involve optimizing your page for search engines like Google. You need to take some logical steps in a particular order to optimize your wordpress blog. WordPress is one of the most widely used content management system in the world among bloggers. Due to inbuilt features in this content management system, wordpress on page seo implementation is extremely easy.

WordPress on page seo can be done manually or automatically.

WordPress on page seo can get you far better results than expected.

wordpress on page seo require you to work on the structure of your site.

WordPress on page seo involves making your site search engine friendly so that they can read your site easily. if they can read your site well, you will definitely get higher ranks.

Wordpress SEO

You need to automate the process of wordpress on page SEO as it requires working on many parts of your blog.

Best WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks include tweaking your wordpress settings in order to achieve maximum results out of it.

There are lots of things which you need to change in your blog. There are two levels of changes which you have to do to optimize your blog.

  • Home page SEO
  • On page Optimization for individual post

Now let’s go through each one of them in detail and steps to do them.

Home page SEO

Your home page SEO involves optimizing your blog’s homepage. It includes;

Blog Title

Your blog title is surrounded by <tittle> tag in the head of your web page. It is very important and you should choose title tag carefully. It should be the primary targeted keyword for your blog. Make sure it is not too long and precise. Normally search engine allows up to 70 characters in Title Tag.

Meta description

Meta description is the basic description of your blog. This description should not be very long just like Blog Title. It should be precise and related to your blog. Don’t include those keywords in your Meta description which are not present on your web page. Too much of data can have adverse impact on your blog’s on page optimization. Search engine normally allow a maximum limit of 150 words in Meta description.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords refer to keywords on your blog homepage. Again, make sure that there are no unnecessary keywords. You don’t need to target all keywords because you cannot so better focus on few so that campaign is successful.

Along with these factors, your domain is also important. So if you have a domain with the targeted keyword in it, it will help you in better level of optimization and you will get better ranking but as it is constant there is not much you can do with it.

On page Optimization for individual post

On page optimization for individual post include steps which are required to optimize your individual blog post. You cannot ignore posts on your blog. You need to take care of all elements of on page optimization.

The primary steps involve taking care of all the points mentioned in the previous section like;

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords

But there are additional factors which affect your on page optimization. These are;


Permalinks are extremely important for High ranking on search engines like Google.  If you are using WordPress, then it becomes extremely easy to configure them. You should choose seo friendly permalinks like;

Keyword and its density

You should carefully select keyword for your posts. You should not target with extremely high completion. Target long tail keywords with low competition, its density are also a very important part of on page optimization in wordpress or any other cms.

Keyword density has been abused in the past so search engines like Google have limited the way you can use it. It should not be very high. Optimum keyword density should be in range of 1-5 per cent.

There are additional factors which influence the wordpress on page optimization, these are;

  • Keyword in post title
  • H1 heading with keyword phrase
  • H2 heading with keyword phrase
  • H3 heading with keyword phrase
  • Highlight your primary keyword phrase with bold near the top of the content
  • Image with alt text in post
  • Presence of keywords in first sentence
  • Presence of keywords in last sentence
  • Internal link near the top of the content
  • Post should have minimum 300 words.

If you can optimize your post for the above mentioned points then you achieve high ranks for your targeted keywords.

But you need to remember that if you should not force these things. It should look natural and your post should remain readable for your readers.

Traffic is vital for your blog but you should not do things which can push away your readers. So try to keep it natural.

Sometime manual intervention may spoil your effort and it is better to use some tool to perform certain steps which are essential.

A successful blog is a delight and unsuccessful blog is a liability.

so don’t put half-hearted efforts, try to give it 100 percent and you will definitely succeed.

As there are multiple points which you need to take care of you can use some plugin to do it. There are free plugins for optimizing your home page but there are not many good plugins to take care of on page optimization of your blog post.

WordPress on page seo for your individual blog post is critical, so you can use plugin to do it. Plugins are very good way of automating the process in wordpress. Plugins also make sure that you don’t miss out anything. So your wordpress on page seo remains intact.

We recommend SEOPressor as it is not only reliable but also updated regularly so that if there is any change in the critical points in future, it will be updated accordingly to take care of that.

Their support is awesome and it is one of the most used wordpress on page seo plugin.

You Can Check SEOPressor Details Here.

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