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We all want top wordpress plugins for our blog and often it is based upon our experience or perception. There are many good plugins available for WordPress but the biggest problem is the fact that some of these are not regularly updated or they are not technically sound enough to support your needs in long term.

Top wordpress plugins for me are those plugins which I have been using for long time now and I’m extremely satisfied with them. They neither have slowed down my blog nor shown any other crack for a considerable amount of time.

Top WordPress Plugins

Your Blog Need Tools To Grow

You will get a wordpress plugin for anything you can think of but it is important for you to choose them carefully. WordPress is a powerful content management system and you can take your blog to great heights with the use of these top plugins.

You can get wonderful themes, provide share button, wordpress newsletters opt-in plugin or restrict copying others your blog.

But you should not use too many plugins in wordpress because it may impact loading time of your blog.

So now having said, let’s go through some of the top wordpress plugins which are available in 2012. Some of them are free and some of them are paid.

There are few plugins which are replaceable by some other if they are providing same functionality but some of the like WPSubscribers, Commentluv and SEOPressor are simply irreplaceable.

These top plugins are essential for your blog and you should not look for their alternatives if you want your blog to be successful and you have long term plans for your wordpress blog.

WPSubscriber WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Email Marketing is the key to success in internet marketing and you cannot run a successful blog if you don’t have good numbers of subscribers. These subscribers’ helps in bringing traffic to your blog and you can also use them for promotional offers. Some of the most successful blogs maintain a long list of email subscribers. It is not easy to optimize your blog for every possible keyword on internet.

So these Email subscribers help you in maintaining the consistent flow of visitors to your blog. So it is imperative for your blog to have appropriate opt-in form for collecting email subscriptions.

These opt-in forms should be beautifully designed and you should be able to customize them completely. WP-Subscriber is a very good plugin for collecting email id.

They are preloaded with various attractive templates and also you can design your own forms using a very easy to use interface.

They provide variety of opt-in form like Exit pop-ups, pop-up, footer opt-in form, header opt-in form, post opt-in form and custom opt-in forms.

You can use them for variety of other purposes. You can find one of the examples at the header and one at the bottom of this post.

As you can see both are absolutely different in design and you can develop similar forms as per your choice. So this is among top wordpress plugins which is must for your blog.

To Know more about WPSubscribers, Click Here


Commentluv is another one among top wordpress plugins. It is one of the best-selling wordpress plugin which is widely used by blogger across world for various segment and niches. You cannot grow your blog without a community. Comments are required for your blog to create that community around it. There are not many bloggers who will comment on your blog unless until there is some incentive to do that. Commentluv is best wordpress plugin to provide that incentive.

It provides them link and option of choosing their posts out of last 10 post on their site if they tweet or share your blog post on Google+ or some other social networking site like Facebook.

You can’t even imagine the impact of this on your blog’s popularity. Commentluv is not only the top wordpress plugin but it also provide better exposure by including them in their search engine which is very popular among bloggers to search blogs with commentluv plugin.

To Know more about Commentluv, Click Here


Your blog is dead without on page optimization. Google has been taking lots of tough action to act against unethical link building practices. So in today’s world genuine links clubbed with awesome on page optimization is the key to dominate Google and other search engines.

SEOpressor is also among top wordpress plugins for doing on page optimization for your blog. It will use the exact method used by Google to check your site and indicate the problems in it for proper on page optimization. The best part about SEOPressor is that it not only indicates the problems but it also provide solution to fix those issue.

To Know more about SEOPressor, Click Here

Easy Adsense

Easy adsense is a free plugin and it is one of top wordpress plugins to implement adsense in your wordpress blog. You just have to copy and paste the code from google adsense to easy adsense control panel in your wordpress dashboard. You can configure all kind of details like before, in or after the post. Alignment settings like left, right and center. You can also use it to configure Google Search Box for your blog. Click Here for details.


Sitemaps are extremely critical for SEO part of your blog. Entire exercise of search engine optimization is incomplete without proper arrangements for sending sitemaps to Google and other search engines. XML-Sitemap is a wonderful plugin to do that. It automatically sends sitemap xmls to Google and other search engine if there is any update on your blog. It is one of the Top wordpress plugins available to do it.

Click Here For Details

TF Share

Your blog is incomplete unless until you provide share buttons of social networking sites on your blog. Social media marketing is critical for the success of any blog and TF Share comes extremely handy in that. We are using TF Share and you can see the share button at the top of the post to get a feel of this plugin. It is very simple to configure and use. As far as social media marketing is concerned, it is one of the top wordpress plugins. Click Here For Details.

Subscribe to comments Reloaded

It is definitely one of the Top WordPress Plugins in its class. This is one of the top wordpress plugin which can help you in bringing back those visitors who comment on your blog. It will provide a checkbox with the comment box so that commenters can subscribe to comments update on that post.

It is easily configurable and you can also monitor your subscription details. Click Here For Details.

These are some of the top wordpress plugins which we are using on our website. There are other plugins also which we are using but they are quite generic and you can choose similar plugins in wordpress plugin directory.

Please share your experience with mentioned plugins if you have used them or leave your comment to let us know about your list of top wordpress plugins.

Sharing is Caring
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  3. I like JetPack as it offers basic analytics and has after the deadline which helps with proofreading. I also use Redirection to help me fix broken links that are shown in Google webmaster tools.

  4. I like comentluv:),for my blog I also use wp auto affiliate links

  5. Hi Akhilendra, I have used so many plugins for SEO, but in my view SEO Processor is one of the best SEO plugins I’ve used, and I do recommend this plugin to my friends. Thanks for the plugins list.


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  7. Hi you’ve sold it to me I have been contemplating getting comment luv premium for a while . Reading your post has convinced me.

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  9. Some plugins that I use regularly are: Google Analyticator, TGN Embed everything, Video Thumbnails, and WP Show IDs. These four have saved me ooddles of time and energy. The wordpress directory of plugins is very confusing, and hanging on to the few plugins that work and stand the test of time is a VERY worthwhile activity. Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. Hi your post was very informative to me. So for that thanks I have recently set up a blog and am in the process of getting it sorted out properly. With me being new to this it is taking a lot more time than I thought. I think reading your post has just saved me a good chunk.

    So thanks again lee

    • Thanks Lee for your comment, if you are new i will suggest you to start from beginning, first setup your basic blogs, then list down the enhancements which you will like in your blog. there are few fundamental features which should be there in every blog blog like social sharing.
      SEO related plugins are also must.

      Then you should move ahead with opt-in or comment enhancement plugins.


  11. Great List,
    I would also add WP SEO by Yoast for site optimization
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    WP to minimize image file sizes and speed up your site.
    W3 Total Cache to optimize site’s speed and minimize load time.

  12. I have just started a new wordpress site and the plugins are very helpful thanks for the mind blowing article.

    • Thanks for stopping by, it’s great to hear that you found post useful. Why not share the plugins which you are using currently to power your wordpress blog.


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