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In this Seopressor Review we are going to discuss about two things. One is the best wordpress on page seo practices which is the broad level criteria to rank your posts and second thing is the review of the best wordpress seo plugin to perform these actions. WordPress is the best free blogging platform available to the webmasters. It offers great features and scalability. There are many like me who maintain multiple websites and managing seo work for them requires dedicated seo tools and software.

This SEOPressor Review will give you detailed information about this premium wordpress plugin.

Internet is loaded with the websites dealing with all kind of topics and making a way up for your website is a tedious task.

It’s better to NOT BLOG than blogging with no value.

You need to invest some part of you in that blog. It is like your baby. Either you don’t have it but if you decide to have it, then you should give it what it requires to grow.

Search engine optimization is the only way you can grow your website quickly without spending too much of money. Off course, you can damn seo and spend millions on pay per click or banner advertising to grow your website but if you are a small to average webmaster, then you need to seriously think about seo.

In this review, we are trying to discuss why SEO is so important that you need to have a wordpress premium seo plugin.

Google and other search engines have also made a practice of updating their search algorithm regularly in order to defeat spams. It is a good practice which will support genuine webmasters. But any search engine will follow certain set off rule to rank websites in a particular order. If you want your website to rank higher, get traffic and make good amount of money out of it, then you need to optimize your website so that your efforts don’t go in vain.

I have experienced that doing search engine manually is a great pain and by the time you learn current set of rules, they have changed. So using some seo software or tool to achieve the desired results is a great idea. Normally investment is not high and most of the time, it is one time and sometime, some nominal amount for updates. If you compare it to returns which it can generate then it is worth investing in these tools.

In fact i opted to do this SEOPressor Review because it is an affordable option for bloggers.

If you are not using wordpress to manage your website or running multiple sites, then this SEOPressor review is not for you. You should read our review of IBP which can be used to optimize any kind of website. To read IBP review, click here.

But if you have just started up or planning to start with WordPress, then you must understand that handling seo without a software is great deal and you should invest time in creating great content for your site rather than looking into the SEO aspects of it. So this review is perfect for you to understand not only SEOPressor but also, SEO.

As mentioned earlier, WordPress offers great scalability and one of the best features of WordPress is the abundance of wordpress plugins.

There are both free and paid plugins. But the issue with free plugins is that there is no accountability. Creator of plugin may stop support any time or may not support at all. Often these plugins are not good for your website as the makers are not selling it so they haven’t given enough attention to the code quality which ultimately impacts your website’s performance like loading time which is a factor in search engine’s ranking.

Because of the reason mentioned above, you need a paid wordpress plugin for seo. There are many in the market but no matter how small the amount is, you should never put it unless until it is coming from a renowed resources. Frankly I have wasted lot of money like this; I will suggest you NOT TO DO This.

I have been using it for sometime now and this SEOpressor Review is based upon my personal experience.

Seopressor Review — Best wordpress seo plugin

Best wordpress seo plugin

Features and Specifications

  • You can target three keywords to rank in one post.
  • Instant update of SEO Score to inform you about your on page optimization level.
  • keyword density information
  • SEOPressor automatically adds meta tags, title and description to you post thereby increasing its SEO.
  • SEOpressor automatically adds internal links which critical for high rankings.
  • SEOPressor sets your social seo which is one of the most important factor in current Google rankings.
  • SEOPressor also improve your dublin score which helps search engines to identify your content and eventually significantly improve your rankings.
  • SEPpressor automatically adds tags from Yahoo service and tag the net.
  • SEOPressor also add rich snippets for reviews, event, people, product and recipe. It can help blogs on variety of niches. Rich Snippets are must to rank high on search engines.
  • SEOPressor can cloak external links on your blog.
  • You can automatically decorate post titles, keywords, post slugs, images and links to optimize your blog.
  • SEOPressor is the only Plugin which checks for over optimization which results in better seo.


Seopressor Review

SEOPressor settings

SEOpressor Review

seopressor review wordpress seo

SEOpressor Review-Meta Description, title & keywords

seopressor on page settings improve your seo

facebook opengraph tags in wordpress

seopresor add facebook opengraph tags

WP Twitter card

seopressor Twitter card add value to your seo.

rich snippets

seopressor rich snippets for anything & eveything

dublin score

SEOpressor add dublin score which improve crawling

You need a premium wordpress seo plugin which can not only automate the whole lot of processes for you but also provides you support or customer service when required. Sepressor is great at both of these parameters.


The Brain behind it

Seopressor  has been designed by Daniel Tan who is one of the most respected name in search engine industry. Seopressor is not his first or only product. He has also designed other successful products which has helped him in establishing his reputation as great seo gurus. To name few other products of him, Backlink Syndication System, The Rank Mover, The Ultimate Rss joiner and Press Release Cash Cow.

What is does?

Seopressor is a wordpress seo plugin. It looks after on page optimization. Due to lot of spamming in backlinks, Google is currently giving lot of attention to on page optimization. This trend is here to continue. As mentioned earlier, the biggest factor for great search engine ranking is “Great Content”. But how do you tell Google or search engine about it, the process of easing the process by which search engines read your content or you can helping search engines in reading your content is call ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION.

In the last couple of years, social signal has gained huge value. SEOPressor adds those signals to your blog and posts on it. It present your posts to search engines the way they like.

As they can read it better, they rank you higher than your peers because they have a better understanding of your content. Seopressor helps you in doing it. There are certain things which are important for on page optimization like LSI keywords, H1 tags, H2 tags, H3 tags, number of words in a post, keyword density and number of other factors. Now if you sit down to do researches on these things for each post then trust me you are never going to make it.

Seopressor is a top premium wordpress plugin which will not only identify the problems in your post but also, it will give solutions. There are not many plugins who are so intuitive that they can give exact solutions. With the help of seopressor, you can do wonders.

Remember plugin or tool can only help you achieving success; it is you who is going to drive this.


Please share your reviews and feedback on this SEOPressor Review and do share it with your friends and family on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Thanks for visiting…

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