How To Do SEO With Content Marketing

Content is the king and fresh & high quality content is always going to rock. Having said that, do you believe that’s enough? How do you tell a search engine about the quality of your content? You are right if you are thinking about social signals. But online social crowd move from one impulse to […]

WordPress On Page Optimization SEO Tips

Have you ever wondered how few blogs or sites make it to the top of Google Search even with lesser number of Backlinks? And if you have never noticed, then you need to know that backlinks are not the most important part of your rankings. They are, but in the last few years Google has […]

3 Steps To Create SEO Friendly Images

Optimizing images is not something which is always high on SEO radar for most of the bloggers and webmasters.  SEO is often a pain in a#* and most of the bloggers will target keyword research, back links and on page optimization but will tend to ignore image optimization and seo friendly images. If you are […]