Godaddy Auctions-Make Money From Domain Flipping

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Domain flipping is the process of buying a domain or website for short term and selling it for profit. It is like stock trading or house flipping. It is also referred to as “domain name speculation”.

It is a very good method of making money online without putting much of efforts. Buying and selling website does require good amount of capital but as far as domain flipping is concerned, it is fairly economical to acquire domains. In fact you can acquire domains in less than $10 from Godaddy.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways of making money from domain flipping;

  1. Buy and sell a domain without creating a website.
  2. Buy and sell a domain with website.

Creating a website is a tedious task and it will require more investment, efforts and time.

Also, quality of website will probably dominate the domain name.

So in this post, I am going to take you through process of making money through domain flipping without creating a website for it.

Domain Flipping-Select A Good Domain Name

You should not select domain names for domain flipping. It’s not about domains which you like but domains with real financial value.

You should use some keyword research tool to figure out domains. Keyword research tools which can be used for the purpose of domain flipping are;

  • Raven
  • SEOProfiler
  • Webmeup
  • WebCEO


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You need exact and in-depth information about the domain name you are targeting.

As you can see in the above screenshot that you maximum earning potential of the keywords high, domain name with these keywords are in good demand.

And don’t get confused with EMD issue, these domains are used by business houses which want domain name which is closer to their business rather than some blog which is just looking to acquire some EMD for traffic.

So run queries based upon your targeted niche in this tool which can be helpful for your regular keyword research also.

In fact, niche cracker provider additional functionality of;

  • Keyword Research for Youtube
  • Keyword Research for Amazon
  • Competitor checker

You need to focus on your niche. Domain names are like real estate properties, if you get it right you can make huge amount of profits.

There are domain names which are sold in hundreds of dollars in domain flipping.

There are many domain flipping marketplace but you need to choose it based upon these criteria;

Reliable domain registrar where you can keep your domain for a while without worrying about domain theft

Economical domain name registration fees

Domain Flipping marketplace which attracts enough buyers for you to sell.

Godaddy is the biggest domain name registrar in the world with probably one of the biggest marketplace to trade domain names.


Godaddy Auctions

Godaddy auction is a Domain Auction Sites. Godaddy auctions is service provided by Godaddy where you can list your domain name to sell for;

  • Fixed price
  • Bidding option
  • Premium listing which is liked fixed price

Take a look at this screenshot from live Godaddy auctions, these domains are listed in $50000. Can you imagine selling a domain in $ 50000 or even more. Yes, there are domains which are sold in more than $1, 00,000.

Godaddy auctions

Godaddy auctions

Godaddy is the biggest domain registrar and along with that, Godaddy auctions is one of the biggest and most reliable auction place.

They charge minimal fees for that.

Godaddy also appraise your domain name and tell you a price range which is expected for you but it is not a final price.

You can list your domain name for a price which you expect.

You must do some research for domains from that niche and look at their current prices.


Godaddy Auctions- Make Money Domain Flipping

Godaddy auctions present a very good opportunity for making money from domain flipping. You should carefully pick a keyword research tool to do research for your business of domain flipping. You should use Godaddy and Godaddy auctions to register and flip domain names.


You can also sell domains at flippa which is a very established player in domain and website trading. You don’t depend upon godaddy to purchase domains and you can buy it from whenever you can get them cheapest.

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