Affiliate Marketing & Networks for Indian Bloggers

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There are many affiliate networks across globe like amazon, clickbank and shareasale etc. They are widely used by marketers to affiliate marketing in indiapromote their products and earn referral commissions. Entire Process of affiliate marketing isn’t very complicated but the key is to find relevant products and promote them to appropriate audience.

Affiliate Marketing & Networks for Indian Bloggers

Geographical location does play important role in affiliate marketing because certain products & niches tend to respond in a peculiar way based upon the location and niche.

Downloadable content is not a big issue when it comes to location simply because anybody can purchase them from anywhere whereas in case of materials like electronic items to grocery, location is important.

Nowadays even search engines like Google and Bing have started playing important role in location based affiliate marketing. They provide localized results for search queries which means that your chances of getting ranked higher for same keywords in cross geographical location are fairly less.

For example if someone is running a blog on apparel or smart phones then having a local affiliate network serve better purpose simply because Google or Bing will deliver local web pages for the queries related to them. Therefore if someone is looking for a smartphone then it will deliver local results based on location.

So an American will more often come across an American website, a British will see a British blog or site and similarly, Indian will see an Indian site.

Therefore if you are running a review or tips based website or blog then you will get more local visitors then foreigners.

Now take the case of amazon affiliate marketing which is huge by the sheer number of marketers who are promoting amazon products.

If you are an Indian blogger who is ranking high on certain products in USA then its fine but if you are not, then there is no point in targeting American market even if you are ranking high on same keyword in India. Because your Indian visitors won’t be able to make purchase on amazon USA from India.

Therefore it is better to have a blog which target a segment of audience in a particular geography and then promote line of products based on single or multiple niches. Say in our case, if you are an Indian blogger or webmaster and you are writing reviews on smartphones, it will be better if you can drive these customers to India based ecommerce websites, where they make purchase using your affiliate link and you earn some money from it.

Now google adsense is fine for all kind of websites across globe but the money you make from it is so dismal that your income in comparison of the total visits will be always very less.

Therefore these Indian affiliate networks will be suitable for you as in most of the cases; they pay commission in terms of percentage which is always better to earn more.

If you have better visits and ranking average for good keywords, you can make good money promoting relevant products.

As mentioned earlier, amazaon is a good affiliate market but for users in relevant markets.

You need to know about affiliate networks which are good for India if you are Indian webmaster.

Best Affiliate Networks & Programs for Indian Bloggers

Selection of these affiliate network is quite simple, you need to join networks with established player in that location so that you don’t have to promote those merchants or their products. For example web hosting company Bigrock has been doing fairly good in Indian web hosting space. You can promote their products in this geographical location, similarly you can look at other local players with strong customer base to choose from.

Amazon india is a good choice as amazon is a well known brand and you can promote their products in India.

So now we will look into the list of best affiliate networks in India for internet marketers and bloggers.

Flipkart – flipkart is one of the biggest online shopping website in india. They have got millions of monthly visitor and they sell literally everything and anything. You can promote smartphones, books,laptops, home appliance and every other product you can think of. They offer relatively low commission but that is simply because they know it is easy to sell their products.

Icubeswire – icubeswire is a affiliate network like clickbank or shareasale where you can choose your favorite merchant to promote their products. You will get wide variety of merchants like snapdeal, shopclues, naaptol, metro shoes, myntra,, bank bazzar, ferns & Petals, jabong, icici lombard etc. They have got a long list of merchants covering variety of categories. So I am sure you will always find a merchant related to your niche on icubeswire. They also provide good commissions.

Trootrac– Trootrac is similar to incubeswire in terms of functionality and features. They too offer great numbers of merchants like snapdeal, sharekhan, hdfc pension plan,, shopclues and many others. They too offer good commission. You have to first apply for a individual merchant and they will approve you. Once approved you can promote their products whereas in case of icubeswire, you are not required to go through the process of approval. In icubeswire, you can directly start promoting their products.

Amazon India– Amazon India is as good as any other website in the region and with their brand and experience, they have already got good traction in the market. You can join their affiliate network and start promoting their products.

Big rock—Bigrock is a web hosting company offering hosting services primarily targeting indian customers. They do lot of advertising and promotion their conventional channels in India like tv ads. This can really help you in improving conversions.

Affiliate Marketing & Networks for Indian Bloggers

These are some of the most established affiliate programs and networks for Indian bloggers & webmasters. You can join hundreds of top merchants in India like snapdeal, indiantimes shopping, jabong, myntra, flipkart, fern & petals, sharekhan, icici lombard, bank bazar etc to promote products in variety of niches.

Please share information if you have any related to affiliate marketing for Indian bloggers.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. This post really helped understand affiliate marketing better. Thank you so much.

  2. This blog is so interesting.

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  4. Thanks for the list of affiliate marketers..but in my point of view amazon is one of the best affiliate Network. Even there are lots of affiliate network in india who are good into affiliates..

  5. Thanks for the list of affiliate marketers..but in my point of view amazon is one of the best affiliate Network. Even there are lots of affiliate network in india who are good into affiliates..

    • Thats right shiv, its just that in indian online shopping market, sites like flipkart and snapdeal are more famous at the moment, it is important to join their network too. Thanks for sharing your views.

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