Why startups need a social media strategy (and how to create one)

When you’re launching a startup, one of the biggest challenges is finding new customers and convincing them to care about your brand and what you can offer them.    Generating traffic leads can be time-consuming. And it can be slow to start with. That’s where social media can help. Social media is one of the […]

Google Plus Vs Facebook & Twitter: Social Media Battle Continues

Google has recently updated its social networking arm, Google+. I have already written about Google Plus new features & look. Google is definitely pushing hard in promoting Google Plus and it is one of the most successful social networking ventures from Google. It has already tried variety of social networking ventures and none of them […]

Social Media Info-graphics By Intel’s What About Me

Social Media Info-graphics are very good way of expressing your social media profile. I have used a tool offered by intel to analysis my social profile. This tool from intel is called “What about me“. It is a fantastic tool to analyse your social profiles. It doesn’t allow me to add all of my social media […]

Are you wasting time on Facebook?

Are you wasting time on Facebook?–Do you spend 4-6 hrs everyday on Facebook? Do you love updating your status constantly or sharing videos and music on it, then probably you are absolutely fine from the conventional norms in today’s world. After a recent study, it was concluded that you could be considered as psychopath by […]

Can Facebook continue its success story?

Can Facebook continue its success story? Facebook has changed everything since its inception and it has managed to dominate not only social media spectrum but also entire internet space. Orkut which was one the most popular social networking site when Facebook surfaced disappeared quite instantly. It’s still there but nowhere close to its previous success […]

How to create a impressive Facebook Timeline Profile

Facebook Timeline has been here for some time and you might have come across it on some friends profile and if not that the case, then it’s a change which you should be ready to embrace. Facebook Timeline is new power word in the today’s world which is nothing else than an online resume. But it […]