Are you wasting time on Facebook?

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how to use facebookAre you wasting time on Facebook?–Do you spend 4-6 hrs everyday on Facebook? Do you love updating your status constantly or sharing videos and music on it, then probably you are absolutely fine from the conventional norms in today’s world. After a recent study, it was concluded that you could be considered as psychopath by some of the employers and psychiatrist if you are not on Facebook. Well there are 995 million users on Facebook and it has become a kind of norm for everyone in urban society across world to be on Facebook. You are normal if you are there but if you are not there, then there could be something wrong, as per this study. This report was published in Daily Mail.

It is considered that your social life is absolutely normal if you spending time on Facebook. But the question is how much time you spend on Facebook in order to be considered “NORMAL”. There are many who spend hours, probably upto 8-10 hours every day.  I think “Too much of anything is bad”, so the question is there should be a limit to that? Or spending too much of time on Facebook could be wasting time? Because at the end of the day, sharing or liking is not everything, probably someone is doing that because there is nothing else better to do in their life.

I know it’s a general statement and there are few exceptions which include those who use Facebook professionally like webmasters, marketing professionals etc.  But if someone is spending so much time on Facebook, then I think he or she should seriously think about it. There are many creative things which they can do in that same time. They can learn whole lot of things which will help them professionally and personally level.

I am quite sure that I will get some positive responses along with many negative responses but the point is somewhere it shows the hollowness in our life and in us. As there is nothing better to engage us, Facebook has occupied that space. Nobody can and nobody should blame Facebook for that. There is nothing wrong with them. They created a beautiful product. It depends upon us on “How to use it”? it is our responsibility to understand that socializing is a part of our life and it is neither more nor less important than many thing in our life.

Today young population do everything on net, and they should continue to use technology to take it at the next level but if we are confining our life to one website, then we are missing not one but many things altogether. I think it is wasting of time and even if you don’t believe that “Time is Money”, you should not waste it.

Sharing is Caring
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