How to create a impressive Facebook Timeline Profile

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Facebook Timeline has been here for some time and you might have come across it on some friends profile and if not that the case, then it’s a change which you should be ready to embrace. Facebook Timeline is new power word in the today’s world which is nothing else than an online resume. But it takes the concept of online resume to a next higher level.

Facebook is few year old now so chances are there are lots of things which you have done it. From speaking and commenting on various issues to sharing your closest moment through photos, you have done it all. So you need to be extra careful while designing your Facebook Timeline profile.

It’s your mirror image so try to put best of you. You need to review your past activities, photos, video or any other stuff which you have currently put on Facebook. Facebook Timeline is a very beautiful way to representing you to the world. With the use of good photos, graphics and stories, you can make powerful presentation which can be used for multiple purposes.

You should carefully choose your cover photo which will act as a header of your Facebook Timeline profile page. You can choose from variety of options like sunset, dogs or a hobby. Your old profile photo will be there but as header is the first thing which anybody will see, it has to be attractive enough to make an impression. Then you can add your profile details like jobs and college history.

Facebook Timeline will show information in reverse chronological order so your latest updates will be on the top followed by the older one. It’s better to clean up your stuff before your switch to Timeline to avoid any embarrassing moment, if there is anything on it which you will not like others to see. You should spend some time looking at your privacy and security setting to make sure that only right people should see stuff. So you can adjust your settings to ensure that only family or friend should have access to personal photos which might not be very good to show to the outer world.

Facebook Timeline’s concept is very good and can help people to represent themselves in a good way but it is going to be tricky to make sure that only right content reaches right people. So if a new employer is looking at your Facebook Timeline profile and he finds something which is not good for your new job, it may have adverse effects on your chances to get that. So next time you do anything on Facebook, don’t forget to pay some attention to it.


Sharing is Caring
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