Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising Explained

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google adwords pay per click advertising

google adwords pay per click advertising

Google adwords is the primary tool for pay per click advertising for internet marketers. There are other Pay Per Click Programs also like bing ads and yahoo ads but google adwords is the most popular.

Pay per click marketing is extremely popular among business houses but small businesses often complain about low conversion rate.

PPC is strictly No-No for bloggers unless they are quite sure about the success of a particular campaign.

Setting up or starting a pay per click advertising campaign in Google adwords is free and you only need to pay for the cost incurred so there are many who get easily attracted towards it. Cost of Google Ads is not much and Pay Per Click Cost vary from keywords to keywords.

But you can lose your shirt if you don’t call the shot properly.

Today I will walk you through some of the most important and critical factors which affect the success of your pay per click advertising.


Pay Per Click Advertising Power Center


Keyword research and analysis is the power center of pay per click advertising whether you use adwords or any other service like Bing ads.

But then, how do you perform keyword research for pay per click advertising? Do you use Google adwords keyword tool to perform it?

If yes, then you are bound to have zero to little success.

Adwords keyword tool is meant for basic keyword research which can be employed if you don’t have access to anything else at a particular time. But it is better to use some premium tool to use for keyword research.

Adwords keyword tool only provide information about;

  • Number of global and local monthly searches
  • Approximate CPC
  • Local search trends

All of this information is important but not enough to start a paid advertising campaign.

If you are going to use adwords, which you should be, then you need to understand that PPC is not just about creating few ads and targeting few keywords.

Google pay per click is about the gathering and consolidating relevant data.

Complete list of information which is required to create successful google pay per click;

  1. Global monthly search
  2. Local monthly search
  3. Approximate cost per click (CPC)
  4. Online commercial intent – this is the approximate measure of how likely users searching for that information are in the mood of making purchase.
  5. Maximum Profit Potential – Expected maximum monthly revenue you can generate if you rank #1 on google. It is very important as it is an indication of the commercial viability of the keyword. If your target keyword is not profitable enough to have a PPC campaign, then there is no point in spending money on it.
  6. ACTR – it is average click through rate for the google ads on search page.
  7. MAE – it is monthly advertising expense which a advertiser may expect to spend on Google PPC for that keywords.

These factors have a great influence on your advertising spending on google pay per click ads and the success of your google pay per click campaign.

Adwords keyword tool doesn’t provide these informations.

I have used niche cracker to successfully create and implement some of the adwords campaigns using niche cracker keyword tool.

keyword research for pay per click advertising

keyword research for pay per click advertising


competition check by niche cracker

competition check by niche cracker

You also need additional insight information like demographics which is also provided by niche cracker.

It also provide other information which are required to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Creating a Converting Pay Per Click Campaign on Google Adwords

Once you have your keywords, it is time to create a campaign which is converting and staying profitable for you.

You need to follow these guidelines in order to create a high converting ads;

  • Target minimum number of keywords per ad.
  • Try to have multiple ads targeting different keywords. For example, if you are creating a ad campaign for wordpress hosting, then you should create 3-4 ads which are targeting 20-30 keywords.
  • Always have keywords in your ads text.
  • Adwords PPC search campaigns are better than display campaigns for many keywords. So do some background on your targeted keywords and decide carefully if you want to go ahead with search and display ads or either of them.
  • Begin with fewer countries and observe their results.
  • Start with a moderate daily budget and gradually expand.
  • Monitor your traffic and if you are getting traffic for related keywords which you are not targeting then add them to negative keywords. While using negative keywords, you need to ensure that you don’t end up blocking up the targeted keywords.
  • Focus on creating an attractive, neat and clean landing page. As you are already going to invest in PPC, why not invest in create a tool like Premise which helps you in creating an awesome landing page.
  • You should also make arrangements to monitor your page speed so that your site doesn’t break under high traffic or your visitors have to wait for lifetime before it loads.
  • You should also pay attention to the words used in your ads text to avoid any trademark term in that like WordPress.

Final Words

These are some of the major points you need to keep in mind while designing your pay per click advertising campaigns. Now every campaign is different as every keyword is different. So there can’t be a standard template for a successful campaigns. Thus, choose a campaign carefully and go ahead with trial and error method.

Pay Per Click Internet Marketing is extremely useful if you can do it well to get instant traffic and promote your business.

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