Are Customer Feedbacks Source of Problems or Instrument of Sales?

How are important customer feedbacks for the online store and whether it is worth publishing them on an online store site?  How these responses influence on online store visits, number of orders and conversion?  Similar questions are of current importance for the majority of Internet businessmen now. Customer Feedback- Problem or Instrument of Sales Experts […]

4 Crucial Points to Build Profitable Daily Deal or Discount Coupons Website

The surge in online business has prompted 80% of businessmen to turn their heads towards it. From various reports, it is revealed that for every 2.5 seconds, a product is purchased by a buyer. With such statistics there is nothing wrong in businessmen switching themselves into online businesses. But, do you think all businesses set […]

Market Research In Internet Marketing

Market research is the most important step in setting up any business. Whether you are trying to set up an online business or offline business, unless until you understand your target market you cannot make appropriate decisions.   What is Market Research? Market research is the process of finding appropriate market or niche by extracting […]

Smart Tips For Managing Online Business Efficiently

In the present global business scenario, surviving has become difficult. With the rapid increase in online business, stabilizing your business has become difficult. However with proper planning you can manage your online business efficiently without any trouble. Here are a few smart tips to help you in running your online business: Competition: It is important […]

Paid Traffic-Is It Worth To Buy Traffic?

 Paid traffic or buying traffic is not considered by most of the bloggers and small businesses but it is a good way to quickly increase traffic to your website. Ranking excellent on search engines for every keyword on planet is the most desired status by bloggers and webmasters but it doesn’t happen that way. Paid […]


Online business is otherwise known as an internet business. This basically defines as exchange, share or transfer of raw materials across different business groups or individuals using the internet. An online business enhances the strategies of e-commerce which helps to expand the relations between the clients and associates. The internet offers various opportunities in the […]

Best Web Hosting In India

Best Web Host In India– In the past we have discussed how critical is the web hosting for successful online businesses. Web hosting is most important thing for a website. There are many web hosts in India but most of them are not the real host with no infrastructure of their own. They are re sellers of […]