What is Landing Page and How To Create One?

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what is landing pageLanding page is the most important part of your website or blog. Irrespective of the objective of the landing page, it defines and drive the way user behave on your website.

Landing page is the showstopper which either attracts or detracts your visitors. So if a good landing page is charm for your visitors and business, bad landing page could be a disaster for it. You might be thinking “what’s a landing page?”

What is landing page

Landing page can be defined as a page where a user lands on your site following a lead. You can drive traffic to a landing page;

  • From search engines like Google
  • Banner ads placed on other sites
  • Link inserted in an email
  • Link shared on social networking site like Facebook and Twitter.

Any other method where a visitor is driven to your website from an external source.

Purpose of a landing Page

Primary purpose of landing page is to evoke a response from a visitor. So when you are promoting a service or creating an email subscription list for your email marketing campaign, you drive traffic to your landing page to provoke your visitors to take action.

You should use appropriate Call To action to stimulate them. Purpose of a landing page could be;

To sell a product wherein you place Call to action button like “Buy Now”.

To promote a service.

To collect email ids for list building wherein you present them an optin form.

Why Use Landing Pages

As mentioned earlier, landing page is the most critical part of your entire marketing campaign. You can purchase traffic but you can’t purchase conversion. It is not the amount or quality of the traffic which is crucial for conversions, it is the quality of your landing page.

A good landing page drive your visitors to follow “Call To Action”.

So whether you are trying to sell a product, service or simple optin form to collect email addresses, you cannot achieve desired results without driving your visitors through a well-crafted landing page.

You can use landing page to highlight your USPs, present your business in an attractive manner and illustrate benefits of joining you.

Landing pages can be used by bloggers for list building purpose.

How To Create Landing Page

As landing page is so important, it is imperative you pay attention to minor details and fine tune it to optimum level.

As your requirement and business would be different, you need to make a final call on your landing page but following landing page tips will help you;

  1. Observe and analyze the landing page of your competitors.
  2. Don’t over-fill stuff in your landing page. Remove anything which is not required there like additional text, images and links.
  3. You should always use a single column page for a landing page. A big No to two or three column pages.
  4. You should use a relevant and powerful headline.
  5. Focus on placing appropriate call to actions.
  6. I have mentioned above to avoid additional unnecessary text, images or links. That doesn’t mean that you should not use any. You should use an optimized video or image to convey your message and highlight your product. You can use your product image or video which provide information about your business or blog.
  7. You should always use a custom landing page and not your regular website or blog design.
  8. Your landing page should load fast. Infact, even if you don’t use a landing page on your website, it should load fast. You can use plugins like W3 Total Cache with Maxcdn to improve your page speed.
  9. You should use an attractive design or template.

Having said all of that, as a matter of fact you cannot manually create landing page. It require great skills to modify php, javascrpt, css and other technical changes to accommodate all the thing you will like to place on your landing page.

Therefore it is recommended to create landing page using landing page creator.

Landing page creator are software applications which can automatically create fully functional attractive landing pages without any issue.

As wordpress is used widely by bloggers and marketers, I am going to talk about landing page creator for wordpress.

These tools can be used for creating landing pages in wordpress.

Landing Page Creator For WordPress

Premise – Premise is the best wordpress plugin to create awesome landing pages swiftly without any problem. It is probably the most popular wordpress plugin as far as landing page creators are concerned. If you are a marketer who is looking to use landing page to promote a product, then this product is the best.

Premise can be used to create any kind of landing page, be it;

  • Selling a product
  • Membership sites’s area
  • Accept payments
  • Completely design a custom made design for your landing page.
  • Create landing page to collect email addresses for your email marketing campaign.

Premise is for serious marketers who want absolute independence for creating landing pages. It is produced by copyblogger who is creator of studiopess themes and scribe seo tool.

So it is backed by solid customer support and you can trust their brand. Premise 2.1: The Complete Digital Sales and Lead Generation Engine for WordPress

GetResponse– if you are a blogger who is not looking to sell a product but to collect email optins for your email marketing. If so, then you are on right track. It is said that “Money is in List” and it is absolutely true. If your purpose is just collect email addresses and nothing else with limited budget then GetResponse is the perfect email auto-responder for you. GetResponse provide landing page creator which is absolute gem.

I am not aware of many email auto-responder which provide something like that. They provide awesome template and absolute control on every aspect of the design. You can create beautiful landing pages using GetResponse’s landing page creator.

Thus, it makes sense to use them if your objective is boost your email marketing campaign.

And yes, they also provide everything else required for supporting email marketing, so you don’t have to spend additional money on buying additional tools.

Read complete review of GetResponse for complete list of their features.


Instabuilder – if you are already using any other email autoresponder like Aweber and can’t switch service providers due to management issue, then Instabuilder could be the perfect wordpress plugin for creating landing pages in wordpress.

Instabuilder is economical and provide everything to create landing pages for supporting your email marketing and other promotional campaign. It is loaded with ready to use call to action buttons, graphics, templates and other tools to quickly design attractive landing pages.

Visit instabuilder for demo landing pages and details.



It is important to start working on improving your marketing program and promotional activities. Landing page is the most crucial part of it.

As you now know “what is landing page” along with some of the most important element of it, you should start working on it.

Iirespective of the tool you use, you should keep the points mentioned above in your design.

Premise is the best landing page creator tool present in current market.

Please share your comment on it and sharing is caring, so don’t forget to share it.

Sharing is Caring
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