Purchasing a home using a lawyer instead of a realtor.

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Most of us have fond memories of our childhood and those memories would definitely include times in our home sitting around the kitchen table with the family or opening presents that graced the bottom of the Christmas tree. As we grew older, we were looking to replace our childhood home memories with memories of our own. Knowing that the purchase of a home is probably the single most costly investment one can make in their future, it is wise to enter into the home purchasing arena with the help of a real estate lawyer. Do not make the mistake that many so often do when they assume that the best way to purchase a home is with the assistance of a licensed real estate agent.

For starters, utilizing a licensed real estate attorney to sell your home can be a costly proposition. In most states, the listing real estate agent and agency receive a flat percentage of the sale price of the home as their commission. That fee does not change whether they take one person through the home for sale or 25 people. Many times, if a home is staged correctly and priced at a fair market price, the home will sell itself. So why, would so many turn to a real estate agent to sell their home. In the end, it makes fiscal sense to hire a real estate lawyer to represent you in both the sale and purchase of real estate instead of a realtor. Most of society would like nothing more than to have more money in their bank account at the end of a real estate transaction than in the pockets of a real estate agent.

With that said, it is imperative that parties entering into a contract for the sale and/or purchase of a piece of real estate/home retain the services of separate lawyers. This will ensure that the best interests of all parties are maintained. If you do not know of a lawyer versed in local and state real estate law, ask family members, fellow employees or valued members of your community for input. That way, you can feel confident in the legal representation you secure to handle the purchase of both your starter home and your move-up home. In addition, you will need to seek the services of a real estate appraiser to give you valuable information necessary when securing mortgage financing. This appraiser will do a fair market assessment of your home with comparable home sale listings and pertinent home information. Mortgage lenders will use all of the information the appraiser provides to make sure the home is worth the amount of money you need to borrow for the purchase of the property. All of these details will be scrutinized by your attorney to make sure your best interests are continually being met throughout the entire purchase process.

In essence, it can be summed up in one statement…paying a realtor to represent you in a home purchase is like hiring a costly hand holder!! What an individual really needs when they are about to embark on a home sale or a home purchase is good lawyer well versed in real estate transactions. Plain and simple, one person who is going to act on your best interest throughout the entire selling or purchasing process is the best way to go. Usually, a lawyer can streamline the transaction process while guaranteeing all codes and laws are upheld. In the end, everyone is happy and individual who has hired the lawyer to represent them has saved thousands, if not more, of dollars.


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  1. If I understand the quoitsen properly Your representing properties in Asia and looking for buyers in California? I would think this is more of a licensing quoitsen for an Asian goverment. I would recommend checking with the California Department of Real Estate. to be sure how California looks at it.


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