Corporate Entertainment – Identify Your Own Off-Beat Venues

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If you’re looking to organise a conference or you need to organise corporate entertainment of some description, then the best place to look for ideas may not be the place you think.

If you search online, for example, for potential venues, you’ll come up with the same old faces time after time – particularly for corporate entertainment. But there’s no need to do this.

Corporate entertainment

Conferences can be a little trickier, it’s true. By their very nature, conferences tend to be a little more staid and formal, on the whole, than corporate entertainment needs to be. This is mainly down to the basic logistical requirements in that conferences usually need a main conference venue, syndicate rooms, maybe accommodation etc., so there are more limits on creativity in terms of venue if not content.

But the same is not true of corporate entertainment. Nevertheless, people continually try the same old tired venues and formulaic nature of such events. This may be appropriate in a few cases, but generally, all this shows is a very conventional approach to doing business and entertaining clients etc., yet there’s a world of opportunity out there for anyone prepared to be a little more lateral; in their thinking.

Business conferences

As a general rule, it’s best to start with an ideal for what you think your target audience would like. It may even be a good idea to talk to them – to find out what kind of things they would like to do if there were absolutely no barriers to doing whatever it is. Armed with this information, you can then see how close you can get to that ideal in fulfilling their wishes. For example, if your target audience would really prefer a day’s kayaking or abseiling, then you don’t need to book the suite at the nearby golf club or racecourse. Maybe they’d love to have a try at stock car racing or mediation – who knows? But whatever it is – allow people to be lateral, creative and unfettered in their thinking; that’s the trick in getting it just right.

Hope this helps you a bit on organising your corporate entertainment corporate events.

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