Do Free Blogging Platforms Work for Business?

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Many companies wonder if they should stick with a free blogging platform or invest in one that costs money. Many look at the free platforms as a great way to market for cheap. Others think using a free blogging platform will make their company look cheap. So will a free platform work for business? The answer to this is yes, free blogging platforms will work, but self-hosted platforms will work better.

The benefits of free platforms.
Free platforms are a great way to get your feet wet, especially if your company has never blogged before. This allows you to push out your content and generate interest without needing much of a budget to do so.
Free platforms let you learn how to blog without needing a technological background or hiring a tech team. Platforms such as allow you to create your blog by choosing from templates. You can also add in widgets, such as polls, buttons to “Like” your company on Facebook, information about your company, and much more. The templates are pretty standard and give a clean feel, but they allow you to post without needing to know any HTML code. Inserting pictures and videos and creating additional pages to your blog is also simple. And, best of all, it will provide statistics for you too, so you can see which posts are getting the most traffic and where the traffic is coming from.
What’s better about self-hosted blogs?
Self-hosted blogs give your blog better search engine optimization capabilities. These blog platforms can be attached to your company’s website. This is how your search engine optimization is improved. Rather than having to update your website content on a regular basis to keep the search engine spiders crawling your site, your updated blog posts will correlate as an update, and spiders will crawl that content to continue ranking your site. This will increase your rankings.
The template options on self-hosted blog platforms is larger and allows for more customization. In fact, you can even customize the look of your blog so it represents the same style and functionality as your website. This helps create and keep brand recognition.
Along with templates, self-hosted platforms also include other perks, such as RSS feeds, maps, social media icons and even automatically sending a Tweet to your followers when a blog post has been launched.
What’s best for my company?
If you are new to blogging, a free platform is the best way to go. This way, you can learn the ins and outs of blogging, generate some content, gain some followers, and see if people are interested in what you have to say. Once you’ve mastered the art of blogging, you can switch to a self-hosted platform to give you more functionality, better SEO capabilities, and remain in line with your brand.
No matter which platform you choose, blogging is a great way to help market your business. Just make sure to produce relevant content and keep your readers engaged. The more information they can learn from your blog, the better results you’ll see.

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