Using GPS for your business’ needs

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As is the case with a large majority of consumer electronic goods, the ‘Global Positioning System’, or GPS, was first created for use by the armed forces, namely the US army. These days, around 1/5th of the population use the technology in some way, via things like smart phones and satellite navigation systems in cars. As well as these useful consumer executions for the technology, there are also a myriad of uses for companies for GPS, the following being some of them.

Fleet management

For firms that use a large amount of vehicles in their everyday business, vehicle tracking systems can be a vital tool when it comes to both organisation of the business and cutting costs to on increase the profits of the company. Supervisors at HQ are given detailed breakdowns of the location, speed and geographical history of all their vehicles, which in itself brings a wealth of advantages on top of the fact that more accurate routing saves fuel money.

Taxi cabs

For taxi drivers whose business boils down to navigation, GPS is an indispensible tool. There will of course always be those die-hard drivers that swear by ‘the knowledge’ – the committing to memory of the map of London for the job’s sake – but of course there is no harm in knowing exactly where customers want to be. GPS systems can calculate the fastest routes and postcodes can be entered into the interface in order that customer’s requests can be carried out exactly.

Shipping and delivery

For retail companies especially who in the 21st century do a massive amount of their trade online and in catalogues, GPS provides a tool that can improve accuracy through the whole of the delivery process. Customers can track their packages from the factory to their front door, freight companies can look at the driving habits and progress of their employees, and crates can even be fitted with devices that prevent thefts from lorries by alerting the relevant individuals about unauthorised openings.

Sharing is Caring

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