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Commentluv premium is one of the most successful premium wordpress plugin ever developed by any developer in the history of wordpress plugins. commentluv premium is one of the plugin which is must for your blog. And if you have been wondering why commentluv is so much required then you must need to understand the significance of blog comments.

Commentluv Premium-Why blog comments are so important?

Have you ever landed on a blog with no comments?

I am sure you have and also, had a very bad perception about it. A blog with no comment is like an online store with no feedback  Chances are, you will never make purchase on that store simply because you will feel that nobody is purchasing on that store.

A blog with no comments is dull and often fails to impress its visitors.

So even if you have cracked the seo code and are able to attract thousands of visitors every day, if your blog has no comments your visitors will hardly pay any attention to your blog and its content.

Comments help in creating a community around your blog where your visitors get an impression that your blog is a trusted brand in your niche.

Remember, you can see your blog’s traffic stats, not your visitors. So if there are no comments, your visitor may get a bad impression about your blog and may get a feeling that your blog is not visited & popular in your niche. It could be lethal for your brand.

You need comments on your blog to create that perception among your visitors which motivates them to trust your opinion. When they trust your opinion, they buy products which you recommend and if they don’t trust you, then no matter how well your write, nobody is going to purchase your recommended products. This will eventually lead to zero to little sales hence, directly impacting your business.

So if you are looking to make some to more money from your blog then you need to have comments on your blogs, Period.

Commentluv Premium?

Now as you can see that blog comments are imperative, how you get it?

Nobody is going to comment without any reason. As a matter of fact even if your blog post is awesome, your readers will simply read it and leave your blog.

You need to drive them to leave comments.

It has been seen that blog posts with comments attracts more comments whereas blog posts with no comments often find it difficult to initiate the process of commenting.

Toughest thing is to motivate your visitors to leave their comments. Once the process of commenting is initiated, it attracts more and more comments.

In order to initiate the process of commenting, you need something to incentivize the process of commenting on your blog.

Commentluv premium is Best WordPress Comment Plugin which comes loaded with features and provides every reason for your visitors to leave their comments.

Let’s see what commentluv premium does;

Dofollow BackLinks — You can offer your visitors to get dofollow backlinks which are a great incentive for your fellow bloggers. Bloggers make comments on commentluv enabled blog to earn dofollow backlinks. You can further customize the process by setting up a minimum limit for comments in order to get dofollow links which has proven to be a very strong driving force for encouraging your visitors to make more and more comments on your blog. So say you have set a limit of minimum five links. You visitors will get dofollow links only if they have five approved comments on your blog. Commentluv provide a very good admin dashboard to easily customize this feature.

Ability To Choose from Previous Post— Commentluv premium also provide ability to choose from previous posts on blog of commenter. When they make comment by checking commentluv checkbox, commentluv provides a list of previous post on their blog. This is one of the biggest USP of commentluv. This way they get the advantage of creating backlinks for their individual posts which enhance their seo.

Keywords in Links–You can also allow your visitors to use keywords in their name along with their real name. This significantly enhances their seo and as a result, your users are more interested in leaving their comment on your blog.

Viral Content–Social media marketing is critical in today’s online world. But it is not easy to get your content shared. Commentluv premium comes loaded with the feature where your visitors get additional posts to select from if they share your content on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Google+. It enhances the chances of your content going viral multiple folds.

Twitter Handler Promotion— Commentluv premium also enables your visitors to add their Twitter handler along with their name and URL, thus providing more exposure to them. This acts as a great motivational factor for your visitors to comment.

Reply Me–Recently commentluv premium has got the addition of a new but vital feature “Reply Me”. This is extremely useful for blogs which accepts guest post on their blog. It notifies the author of the blog about the new comment on their post. It again boosts up the live interaction on your blog. As mentioned earlier, commentluv premium comes with an easy to configure admin dashboard. So you can easily customize your settings.

Spam Protection on your Blog–Commentluv premium comes with an inbuilt feature known as G.A.S.P. This feature helps in preventing spam on your blog by providing numerous settings like Maximum number of URLs allowed in comment text, Maximum number of words allowed in name field, Minimum amount of words required in comment, Minimum amount of seconds on page before commenting, minimum amount of keyups on comment along with validating your trackbacks. It is a extremely good feature which drastically reduces the spam on your blog and is must for you if you don’t want to compromise the security of your blog. You don’t need any WordPress Comment Spam Plugin to prevent comment spam.

commentluv premium review

commentluv premium review

commentluv premium

commentluv premium admin dashboard


If you are running a blog, then there are few plugins which you cannot afford to ignore. Commentluv premium is one of them. No matter what, this plugin is must for you.

Commentluv premium provides everything which is required for your visitors to make comment on your blog. Blog comments are the first thing your blog need, so invest in commentluv premium. It worth’s every penny and right now, they are offering few bonus plugins also. So don’t lose out on this awesome deal.

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CommentLuv for Blogger is also available

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  3. After going through this review I now realize that the commentluv plugin is a must have plugin for anyone who intends to dash out link juice through comments. This premium plugin is good for interactive purposes between the author and the audience.

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    This is the best article on the topic I searched for. I hope the day is not very far when your blog is going to top this list! Thank you.

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  10. Actually I believe that if your backlinks profile is good then google will automatically rank your article on the first page itself. And for that you will not even need to create backlink. However, I really appreciate your article. Thanks.
    How many do Follow backlink are enough for each post to get on top
    and if we daily try to get 20+ do follow backlink then after how many day our post are ranked on 1st page on google.

  11. Agree with you, i am going to upgrade to pro version 🙂

  12. Very Nice Blog with Huge Information i love Commentluv Blogs Thanks For sharing awesome tips…..

  13. Akhilendra,
    Thank you for an amazing post. As a blogger, I think the commentluv premium is absolutely essential for any blogger. I think the most interesting feature about this is the fact that is has a good anti-spam anti- bot policy.

  14. Thanks for the article. It seems like a pretty good summary. I have been using the free commentluv plugin but I understand that this is now defunct? How much is commentluv premium and can I use that license for unlimited blogs or just for one domain?

  15. With the advent of commentluv premium, link building just got easier. Getting do-follow links which add value to your site is now easier and of course it allows people to network and create long lasting relationships

  16. As of am blogger, i really happy the comment luv premium plug-in. Its very helpful and very user-friendly plug-in to blogs like WordPress. This comment luv premium plug-in is very effective tool to interact with users through to place in our blogs.

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  19. i love COmmentluv Commenting System People Love Commentluv You Thank You For Sharing Premium Latest Review With us

  20. What’s the difference between commentluv and keywordluv

    • Essentially commentluv and keywordluv are different plugins. Keywordluv allow your users to place dofollow link in their comment alongwith keywords. For example, if you enter sam@cyberwasher in keywordluv, it will become sam from cyberwasher whereas in commentluv it will become sam@cyberwasher. Commentluv is a comprehensive commenting solution which provides all the other benefits whereas keywordluv is limited. Let me know if you have more questions.

  21. Thanks, for sharing this useful informative post with us. Commentluv plugin is very important for bloggers to use.

  22. It’s very nice post. Comment luv is something new for me. maybe help me to grow my site

    Thank you

  23. Commentluv aids my site to become more traffic plus an successful approach to handle remarks and link building. You might say it’s actually a great deal inside a site.

  24. commentluv premium is worth every penny it checks for spam and also increases google rankings,according to seo experts!

  25. commentluv premium is worth every penny it checks for spam and also increases google rankings,according to seo experts!

  26. Before the premium, I’ve had individual plugins for: CommentLuv, GASP, Trackback Validation, TwitterLink and KeywordLuv. Now, all of them are integrated into the plugin CommentLuv Premium, more the new ones. Less plugins it means your blog is faster and less updates to be done, perfect!

    • absolutely Tommie, commentluv premium has integrated all of these functionalities very well. it is updated regularly so it is always compatible and support faster loading speed. Thanks for adding your feedback.

  27. Really the Comment Luv plug in so useful and needful thing of blogs. This word press plug-in i used many times it gives very good response to me like such as visitors are increased to my site. Now the premium plug-in is so good and so user-interface.

  28. The Commentluv Pro WordPress plugin is a must have for serious bloggers. A Commentluv enabled blog encourages visitors to leave comments by allowing multiple links back to their own articles and if their site is commentluv enabled you get the same benefits. There are also incentives if they leave a specified number of comments such as a do-follow link. You are in control and set the incentives you want. Another benefit is the inbuilt anti-spam feature to protect you from spammers and spam-bots.

  29. You can set it so they need to have at least x number of comments or they socially shared the post or registered to your site.

  30. This is the reason why i love commentluv. You stated it well. Thank you for sharing!

  31. I have a wordpress based blog. I was not able to configure the comluv plugin to my blog. I don’t know what was the exact problem.

  32. Hi
    I didn’t set my blog up on word press. Is commentluv just for word press or is it able to be used on other formats?
    If not is there an equivalent I can use? As I feel I am definatly missing out here by not using it on my blog.

    Await reply lee

  33. Commnentluv premium is really effective in interacting with your readers. You also give chance to let your readers promote their blogs through the title.

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    thanks for share this blog, helpful for naive user and all other SEO’s.

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