Why social networking can hurt you?

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Why social networking can hurt you?, side effects of social networking, bad effects of social networking

Why social networking can hurt you? (Disclaimer-Smoking is injurious to health)

Why social networking can hurt you? It is a very rare question in today’s world filled with social media noise. Social media or online networking is extremely popular and it seems as if people can’t even imagine their life without posting their status at Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites. Looking at the demand, internet is flooded with many social networking sites. At the moment, there are more than 200 social networking sites in the world and most of them are fairly popular among their visitors. And some of them like Facebook, Google+, Twittor and Linkedin are extremely popular.

People are gradually moving away from real social networking and getting virtual social networking.  There are many people who spend their day on these sites. Social networking is good for those who are into selling some products or service because it helps them in acquiring and retaining customers. But the average people who spend their entire day on these social networking sites updating their status which includes waking up in the morning to going to bed in the evening is a waste of time. There have been many studies in past which have highlighted and elaborated the negative effects of online social networking on teenagers and adults.

People are putting less time in real creative stuff and learning things which can really help and instead wasting their time in social networking sites which at the end of day yield nothing for them. Even many studies have shown that virtual social networking has adverse effects.

In today’s online world, it cannot be recommended that one should not be there all on these social networking sites but giving a specific amount of time to interact and chat with friends is a different and devoting entire day and for many, devoting their entire life seems to be over the top.

Social networking sites are meant for social interaction and sharing but to interact & share one need to give some time outside these social networking sites. Internet is huge and one can really learn lot of things online.  I don’t mean that they should be used only for professional and learning purpose, but we need to know that life & internet goes much beyond social networking sites.

Too much of anything is bad & online social networking is an exception.

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