What Can Tutors Do For You?

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March is a great month to really evaluate the progress that your child is making in school. There are only about three to three and a half months left of the school year so there is still time to correcting learning issues and to catch up with skills before summer break. However, there is little time to waste.

Tutors and Their Services

Tutors are a great resource for schools and parents who are concerned about the progress that a student is making in school. There are many services that a tutor can offer to both parents and to school districts. The first service that tutors can offer is assistance in assessing the learning needs and the learning capabilities that the student has. For example, they can screen students for grade level in various skills including reading, studying and math. These assessment are often offered free of charge to entice you to hire the tutor in the event that problems are identified.

Another service that tutors can offer to schools and parents is academic goal setting. Goal setting for academics is a very valuable service. Goal setting can be done with the students, with the parents and with the school district. If the student is being served by a special education program, then the tutor can become a part of the student’s I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan) team. They can help focus the goals on realistic and attainable goals, and they can also help to determine how high to set the goal and how to measure the student’s progress.

The third service that tutors can offer is basic skill tutoring services. Tutoring can be used to help a student to catch up with their classmates before the end of the school year, it can be used to help them prepare for their college entrance exams or it can be used to help a student to make up assignments that they missed because of an illness, an injury, missed classes or other problems. Tutors can be selected based upon the skill level that they are able to tutor at, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Working with a tutor is something that just about every student can benefit from regardless if they are a gifted student or a student who is struggling. Fortunately there are many different tutoring services that are available for parents and students to choose between. Some are offered online, some are offered at learning centers, some are offered at school and some are offered at your very own home.

Author Byline: Tutoring is a logical option for students and adults that need a little extra help learning and master new skills. Madeline Binder has a great collection of tutoring services articles that explore this industry in-depth.

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