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Hi friends, in these videos I am going to talk about a methodology which will help in landing your favorite job. Whether you are a college graduate, a fresher or experienced professional, these strategies will help you because all of you need to target jobs which are appropriate as per your job profile.

Please watch these videos for exact steps

Everybody faces different kind of challenge. Fresher don’t have experience and professionals with higher experience will find fewer job openings for their experience level.

Therefore, it is important to know the high points of your profile, things which separate you from herd and you should focus on developing these skills.

One of the best ways to do that is to go for certifications which add value to your profile. For example, certifications on emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, project management, business analysis & scrum etc.

Alright so let’s start, one thing you need to remember that it is very difficult to chase jobs, you need to focus on tools which helps in building your profile so that job comes to you rather than you going to it because it is easier when it comes to you.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work hard, it simply means that you will need to go where you have access to maximum opportunities.

There are two ways around it and please note that you need to do both because you never know which one is going to click for you. So, no one is better than other, and you need to work on both.

1st one is creating your profile directly on your favorite employer’s website like tcs, google or apple.

2nd option is creating your profile on popular job portals like Naukri, glassdoor, indeed, timesjob and linkedin jobs.

So, these are our two options and our methodology will revolve and evolve around them.

But first step is to create your resume. Don’t overspend time, effort or money on your resume. Try to keep that simple and focus on highlighting your high points and skills.

For you example if you are college grad, focus on your project work, any additional certifications you might have done, your work with any college group or committee even if it’s not related to your degree or nature of work like if you have been part of any college fest group or organize any fashion show in your college, even that should be part of resume even if you are applying for a job in technology or bank.

It doesn’t matter, you just need to show that you are a proactive person and you have been taking part in college activities. Don’t forgets to mention any internship you might have done.

So, anything you can put in cv which adds value to your profile, would be helpful.

And if you are a working professional, cv part is relatively easier for you. You need to focus on your experience, domain, high demand skills or responsibilities and certifications. Certifications are kind of must for experienced professionals.

As far as domain is concerned, it is very important if your experience is over 5 years. So, if you have worked in banking or insurance sector for 5 years or more, it may not be so easy to change the domain.

So, if you are not happy with your domain and want to change it, you should do it quickly. But if you are in your desired domain, it could be an asset.

So, use it appropriately in your cv.

But this video is not about cv so let’s move on to methodology itself.

Let’s look at the first option where we are going to create profile. In this option we can create profile on our favorite employers.

So, wherever you are in the world, create a list of your favorite employers, navigate to their website. On their website, you will find an option for career or simply google the name of the employer followed by career like “google career “or “amazon career”.

Then you can create profile on these sites and search for openings and apply directly on them.

Carefully update your profile on these sites especially skills because sometimes they may select your profile based the experience and skills you enter on their website even if you haven’t applied for that position because HR may scan their database for criteria’s like experience and skills.

And if you have entered your information correctly, your profile may show in their search result. And who knows, you get your breakthrough this method.

But a lot of people submit their CV through this method and HR may find it hard to comb through all these CVs.

Therefore, a lot of times they depend upon external consultants to do preliminary screening.

Therefore, they outsource job to external job placement consultancies who don’t have access to company’s career portal.

They select candidates from external job sites like Naukri, indeed, glassdoor or linkedin.

Please note this list is not exhaustive, if any other job portal you can think of should be added to this list. Please leave your comment with their names to help others.

And this our second option. You need to create profile on these websites. Linkedin is must for all the professionals and you need to add your profile’s link in your cv. Alright so I am going to use for walk through but you can use any other site you want.

Each section in Naukri or other job portal is important. You need to appropriately update data in all these sections.

We need to start with resume headline. This section is going to tell prospect employers about your unique skills and abilities. So, you need to include your experience, certifications and any specific skills you might have.

If you are college grad or freshers without any experience, include name of your degree. If you have done it from any reputed university, also include name of your institutions.

I have seen lot of people mentioning things like “looking to excel” or some other shiny comment in it. But it doesn’t matter to your employer.

They don’t care about these big slogans. They are looking for some specific experience or skill and you need to provide them in order to gain their attention. Therefore, you need to mention your USPs here.

Then comes your key skills. You need to be very specific here. please note that there is a limitation on maximum number of skills, so you need to pick your USPs. If it’s a programming language like java or python, mention that or whatever is more appropriate.

You should also mention domain or fields which you are targeting like business analysis, data science or machine learning.

And yes, don’t mention it just because these skills or fields are in high demand, only mention them if you indeed possess them.

So, if you want to get into machine learning and you don’t know it. Learn it first. Because if you appear in an interview and fail it, you won’t be able to appear for interview in that same company for some time.

So, first acquire the skill and then mention it.

and then you need to enter other profile related data like employment and education related information. has this section of IT skills so update it appropriately. If your job portal doesn’t have this section, no worries.

But headline, skills, employment and education details are kind of constant.

There is a section for profile summary here, so include information about your profile here which will include your domain or industry, your experience, job responsibilities or duties you perform daily.

Then there are other sections which you need to update based on their applicability where you can include your social media or website’s link, accomplishment and certifications like CBAP, PMP etc. But most important sections are your skills, employment information and educational information.

So, pay close attention to them.

So, this is how you are expected to update your profile. But key to get ahead is frequently updating your profile.

Most of these job portals are designed in a way that they assume that if you are updating your profile frequently like weekly or alternate days, you are looking for job changes and your profile is updated with latest data.

So, when an employer run query for a specific skill like “business analysis” or “machine learning”, your profile will be in the top 10 or top 20 of the results which is very important.

Because these job portals have got millions of profiles and if you don’t update it regularly, your profile will be lost in the ocean of CVs like yours.

So, there are two parts to this strategy,

  • Update your profile with appropriate skills and job description
  • Update your profile at least weekly

You can simply change 1 or 2 elements of your profile like experience or try some new skills. Because there is no way of confirming any of these changes, you just need to keep trying.

In my experience, initially it takes over a month for your profile to show up in the top results and from there, if you keep updating your profile regularly, your profile will show up in top results for the experience, skills and other information you have entered in your profile.

And how do you know that it’s working.

As soon as your profile is indexed and shown in top results, you will start getting emails and phone from these portals for appropriate job profiles.

So, if your skills and experience point towards business analysis, employers will start contacting you for the position of business analyst.

Best part about this strategy is that instead of you chasing employers, they will be chasing you if you follow the steps mentioned here correctly.

If you have any question or doubt, please leave your comment.

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