How to set up a website

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How to set up a website

set up a website

How to set up a website is the first step if you are trying for your online presence. Today internet has gone much beyond anything else and having your own site is a ticket to success in the long term. How to set up a website is also like a trivial question which might have came to your mind, so today we will cover it in a very broad way so that you can not only understand but also it may help in realizing how easy it is set up and maintain a website. Now if you want to set up a website first thing you need to do is the subject/topic/industry of the site and then what it would be? It could be a blog or forum or a multipage website. Now we will see later how it will impact setting up your website. There are the following steps which you need to do in order to set up your website;

  1. Domain name– the first step in setting up your website is to get a domain name for your website. Domain name is like the name of your shop. It could be anything, at time we try to put names which indicate what exactly we are selling or sometimes, we just use our name or surname. In domain name, if you want to use your name or surname then it is like a brand name which will take some time to get establish in the market. Or you can choose a domain name which refers to the activity of the website, they are known as keywords. You can select them for your domain like real estate, stock broker etc. after you get the domain name, you need to get it registered and it cost small fee, something 3-6 dollars (150 to 300 INR). There are domain registrars in the market who do this like Godaddy but you don’t have to go to them separately because you can do it while purchasing web hosting with your host.

2.    Web host – If domain name is like the shop’s name, then web host is shop. So the next step is to get a shop or web host for your website. There are numerous hosts in the market like godaddy, hostgator and as mentioned in the previous steps, you will first have to enter your domain name which they will get registered with the registrar so you don’t have to bother about that. There are broadly three types of web hosting account;


  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

New site owners should go for shared hosting. It is cheap and allows most of the things, so no need to invest heavily since beginning. There are various packages available in the shared hosting also so choose a optimum package. It may cost anything around 20 to 60 dollars per year (1000 to 3000 INR) depending upon the hosting company and account type. Hosting account will take few hours to get activated which will include time for your domain registration.

3. Content Management System – Assuming that you know what’s your website is about and what it would be, now we will look at the content management systems. Content management systems or cms basically refers to the software applications which are used to hold to your webpage together. Now don’t get confused, they are quite simple and you are not required to have any technical skills to manage them. When you get a host, most of the host provides a website builder application with their hosting account and I will suggest Not to use them. There are variety of content management system which are available in the market, some of them are free (but good) and some of them paid. So if you want to set up a blog I will suggest you to use wordpress for that, It is free and you can set up a full fledge website using that. If you want to set up a multiple page website, then you can go for Joomla which is free and very easy to use. For forums, you use free softwares like SMF or go for paid applications like xenforo or vbulletin. After you select your cms, you have to install it on your website. Many hosting accounts provide automatic installers so for most of the applications like wordpress, joomla or smf, you will have to simply select them and install from your control panel. After setting installing your cms, your website is ready and now you need to content into that which could be post or threads.

 4. Promoting your website – setting up a website is fairly easy but what is tough is to attract visitors to your website. A website with no visitors means nothing so you have to do search engine optimization for long term success. For more information on seo or search engine optimization, you use to lean about it. For the initial period, you use pay per click programs like google adsense to attract visitors. At, you can get entire information about how to promote your website.

Please share your experience or thoughts on it so that others can learn from it.

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