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Google has recently revamped its social networking arm, Google plus or Google+. Google+ has been growing consistently and currently it is one of the mainstream social networking sites in the world. Clearly, it is yet to catch up with other mainstream social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin but with Google plus’s recent revamp, it has taken the next step.

In its latest avatar, Google+ looks more eye catching and with its new features & layout, it is bound to help google in strengthening its presence in social space.

Google Plus New Look;

Google plus profile revamped

Google plus revamped home screen

Google plus home screen


Google Plus New Features in this Revamp;

New Home Page – As you can see, Google plus has got new homepage with new live stream which looks more sleek and attractive. Earlier, it was a single column stream but now with two column streams, it come across much better.

Automatic Hashtags – hashtags have become very important in online communication and especially in social networking. With Facebook and Twitter you can use hashtags but you have to use them manually. Now with Google plus revamped, Google will automatically scan your content and place hashtags automatically. It is one of the best new features added in this revamp.

Photos – this is one of the most talked about feature in new Google+. Functionality of photo has been taken to a entirely new level. New photo feature in Google+ gives you enough to play with your photos. You get a new photo editor tool which is really good. You can use it to edit the color, tone, contrast and many other aspects of your photos. Photo highlight is one of the best new feature available. It automatically scans your photo and remove blurry or bad spots. And yes, it’s not over yet. Google plus’s auto enhancement automatically fix your photo to polish them which makes them look best.

Google plus photo revamped


New Apps – Google has also released new chat apps for iOS, Android and chrome. They have recently signed up with Microsoft to integrate Google talk with but yes, that is just for FYI. With these new messaging apps, google will aiming to grab some share in this growing market of chat apps. It will be competing with whatsapp and newly launched BBM chat app from blackberry.

Google Plus Revamped Overview and Its significance for businesses

Google plus is a growing social networking sites and with these new features, Google has really made an impression. After Twitter & Facebook, Google plus is the best social networking site for businesses and bloggers. In fact, it is considered as one of the best for content marketers and with the help of these new features, one can definitely use it to achieve optimum results.

Google+ has to be a vital player in your social media marketing strategy. And with Google Plus revamp, it will also get all the love which it has been aiming for.

Do you use Google Plus? Please share your comments and feedback on revamped Google Plus.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. The new Google plus looks pretty elegant and clean. Do you think that this new UI will help it to gain users ?

  2. I like the new look of Google Plus. The subtle and big changes they are making to make it more user friendly is being done very well.

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