How To Buy Smartphone Screen Protectors

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If you have recently purchased a smartphone, then chances are you are already enjoying it. Smartphone has become the screen protectors-guardsintegral part of our daily lives today. We use them 24×7 and their significance has gone up.

We all do proper research before purchasing phone but we tend to ignore maintaining it. We need to be cautious about it and should take care to maintain our smartphone well. Today phones are not so expensive but still, after spending 10000-15000 on it, it worth to spend few hundred bucks on securing it.

In this post we are going to discuss about smartphone’s screen guard. Screen guard, also known as screen protector, should be chosen carefully.

Irrespective of what cellphone maker’s promise, smartphones screens are vulnerable and you can easily distinguish between a new phone and a used one by looking at their screens. No glass is scratch proof and you will find its evidence in any used smartphone.

Used screens are full of scratches with visible sign of wear and tear based on the way phone has been used.

It not only makes your phone look bad but also, if you ever want to sell it, you will see great depreciation in its prices.

Therefore it is imperative to protect your smartphone’s screen from such wear & tear. You should use good screen guard and protectors.

People often don’t realize that all screen guards and protectors are not same and there are different types of them. Each serve different purposes and you should select based on your choice and preference.

Types of Mobile Screen Guards & Protectors

Clear Screen Guards/Protectors For Smartphones

These are one of the most basic type of screen guard and protector for your smartphone screen. They usually come in the pack of single screen guard or multiple. They are either thin or thick. Thinner screen guards are hardly visible and good for short term. They are required to be replaced after some time which could depend on your usage. They are good enough to protect your screen from scratches.

Thick clear screen guards do same job but are good enough for longer duration.

Matte Screen Guards and Protectors

Matte screen guards are the option if you are looking to reduce the glare along with protecting your phone’s screen against scratches.

Although, these protectors can end up pixelating the screen and producing distorted colors and display. Therefore make sure to buy only good quality screen protectors in case you decide to matte screen guards.

Mirror Screen Protectors

These came much after clear and matte screen guards and produce mirror effect when applied on your phone’s screen. They are also known as privacy screen guards because their primary purpose is to reduce the viewing angles while protecting your screen.

How to select the best Screen Protectors for your phone

Clear screen guards are most common form of screen protectors. Matte is used when you are looking to reduce the glare whereas if you travel a lot and want to hide your screen from people around you, you can go for mirror or privacy screen guards.

Where To Buy Best Screen Protector/Guards

Buying screen guard online is currently the most popular method of buying these screen protectors. Biggest advantage is that most of these online shops have huge selection whereas local shopkeepers keep limited variety and they tend to push sell them.

While purchasing online, you can not only get them at discounted price but also, there is a transparency and you can get their reviews also.

3 biggest online places to buy online in India are;

Amazon India




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