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In the past we have done review of some online share trading portals. Today i am going to review Geojitbnp paribas. Geojit is one of the oldest player in the field. It is also said that they are the first one to start online trading. They have a experience of more than 20 years and a client base of more than 550000. As these numbers are quite impressive, so is there services. They offer all kind of services related to stock market which include trading in stocks, mutual funds and IPO etc.

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There customer service can be rated above average and one can expect to get resolution quite fast. They offer good share tips and after opening account, one will get access to two portal. One is known as customer care and other is their trade terminal. Customer care will contain all the data related to your transactions, IPO, research reports, support and resistant reports for stock. It will also have your Profit and loss statements.

Now coming to their trading portal, it has to be their biggest. It is excellent for day traders or those trader who prefer to do their own analysis. They offer Flip terminals. These are of two types;

1.Flip lite
2.Flip Gold
3.Flip Platinum

Starting from FLIP Lite, it is lighter version for slow internet connections and only offer basic trade terminal. Gold Terminal is a excellent web based trade terminal. It offer thorough analysis and details of a particular stock. Share prices are updates real time along with a real time chart. One can find all kind of information about that stock. It is one of the finest trade terminal for day traders or those who wants real time movement of stocks.

Platinum Terminal requires to be downloaded at user’s system. It provide all kind of technical charts, historical prices and other information required for intraday and F&O trading.

Key features of their trading terminal;

Key Features of Gold Platform:
1. Live streaming quotes
2. Real-time configurable Market Watch with auto save functionality
3. Live top gainers, top losers and most active script
4. Tick by Tick Intraday Charting and advanced charting with 60 technical studies
5. Live exchange-broadcasting messages
6. Optimized to work on low bandwidth
7. Works behind proxy & firewall
8. Real-time Research & Trade Execution notification via pop-up
9. Gold users cannot login to platinum user and it is free.
10. Platinum user can login to Gold & Lite platforms with the same login id
11. Instant trade confirmation & Online fund transfer facility
12. After market hours, orders can also be placed in both the Exchanges
13. Online investment of Mutual Funds and IPO’s

Now coming to their brokerage charges, their are definitely not the cheapest one but also, not the expensive one and their rates are quite reasonable in comparison of few other players.

Account opening fees: Rs 700 approx onetime non refundable. (may vary)
Custody Charges: Nil
1. For delivery based trading, Geojit brokerage is from 0.10% to 0.30%.
2. For Intra-day trading, Geojit brokerage is 0.01% to 0.03%.
3. For F&O trading, Geojit brokerage is Rs 30 to Rs 75 per lot.
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please share your view, comments and experiences with Geojit to help others.

Sharing is Caring
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