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Sun Pharma is a good stock to buy in the current market conditions. Moving forward from our last post on Cipla and pharma sector stock, Sun pharma is our next good stock to buy in long term. Sun Pharma is one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in India and it has got very good presence in overseas markets. It’s acquisition of Taro has also boosted its business in overseas markets. Taro has given very good results in last few quarters and remains very strong subsidiary of Sun Pharma to give good numbers.

Sun pharma is currently in the process of launching new products in domestic market and filing for new product launch in US market. Their other subsidiaries and marketing collaboration with companies like Merck are expected to yield good revenue for the company. Sun is also in the process of filing patent for its some product.

Sun pharma provide a very good balance between its domestic and overseas market which helps company in balancing and reducing its risk to any one particular market. Currently it is trading at 489.45 at NSE and stock has been trading in a narrow range for last eight to ten months.

Sun Pharma is a good stock for long term investors. Stock may witness some fall in the short term and these falls should be taken as a opportunity to accumulate the stock. Sun Pharma can be a very good stock for those who can keep it for more than 3 years. Invest systematically and don’t buy all in one shot.

Remember, Sun Pharma is good stock for long term therefore start building your portfolio.

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  1. Sun Pharma sounds interesting but do you have any take on the technical analysis of the company, a look at the charts? I will be examining those this afternoon.

    I particularly enjoy researching bio-tech and life sciences stocks. One in particular I really like is Sharps. This company has been around for a while and is available at rock bottom prices. Only time will tell though if they can get back to being profitable. Currently, it is not a stock to buy!


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