Infrastructure Bonds in India

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Infrastructure Bonds in India came into lime light in February 2010 when finance minister Pranab Mukherji proposed the inclusion of long term infrastructure bond in tax saving elements upto the limit of Rs 20000. India business news was filled with this news, it was a big indian economy news. Indian growth story depends upon infrastructure. This came as a positive surprise for Indian Investment community especially for those who were looking for higher and more tax saving limit and options.

Infrastructure bonds in India can be used by the investors to save upto Rs 20000 and under Section 88 of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Infrastructure bonds are issued by non banking institutions like Infrastructure Development finance corporation. These are long term bonds where money is invested in government’s infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure bonds in India are offered with a lock in period usually five to seven years. Return on infrastructure bond will not exceed the yield on 10 year government securities. There are two options available and they are cumulative and annual. One factor which plays a pivotal role in infrastructure bond in India is interest rate and inflation. If interest rate rises then prices of these will fall.

Rs 20000 invested in infrastructure will attract tax deduction but the interest earned on it is taxable. There is one additional factor which should be accounted before investing in Infrastructure bonds in India and that is they do not offer any protection against rising inflation as their rates are prefixed. These investments in infrastructure bonds are considered safe but they do not guarantee that you will be your invested principal back.

There is a limited time opening of these bonds so if you want to invest in these infrastructure bonds then you have to be carefully monitor their opening and closing date. Tax saving infrastructure bonds should not be considered for speculative trading.

Infrastructure bonds in India are issued by companies like ICICI, IDBI and L&T, examples are ICICI Safety bond & IDBI Flexibond.

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