Sundaram’s SMILE Fund (G) Option

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Sundaram’s SMILE fund (G) option is one of best performing mutual funds in Indian Mutual Fund Industry. This is offered by Sundaram Mutual Funds. Stock market has been going through lots of up and down. Indian stock market has witnessed a lot of volatility in the last six to eight months. Investors have lost lot of their hard earned money while chasing stock market. But we often lost money not because of any external factors, buts it’s because we fail to control our own internal factors.  One of the best ways to invest in stock market is fund allocation with the short term and long term focus. Indian mutual funds have came a long way. There are lot of new and convenient ways to invest in them. Nowadays, one can invest online in mutual funds which have bought them even closer to retail investors.

Sundaram’s SMILE Fund (G) Option offer long term financial solutions.Long term financial solutions are those investments which are done with a time frame of 3-5 years minimum. Investing in stock for long term is a good way to park your money. But problem arises when market uncertainty start taking toll on your investment. One of the best ways to tackle these situations is by investing in good mutual funds.

Sundaram’s SMILE Fund (G) Option is a growth fund.Sundaram’s SMILE Fund (G) Option offer diversified and large cap mutual funds. One of such fund is Sundaram’s SMILE fund (G) option. It has existed for last 6 years in the market and consistently yielded good returns. It is a Equity open ended fund which invest in large as well as small and mid cap stocks.

It has an asset under management of Rs 570 crore as of July 2011. It can invest 35 per cent of its portfolio in large cap stocks but over last years or so, it has concentrated on mid and small cap segment. It has also been under Top 100 mutual funds. In general, those funds which invest in mid and small caps, they deliver good returns only in long terms. So, picking this fund for short term won’t make any sense. Here are some of the Fund Facts(Figures are approximate);

Sundaram’s SMILE fund (G) option

Sector Allocation %
Banking/Finance 18.51
Engineering 13.37
Automotive 9.74
Oil & Gas 7.52
Cement 7.06
Pharmaceuticals 6.97



Period Returns %
1 month -1.8
3 month -7.3
6 months -2.3
1 year -20.6
2 year 0.2
3 year 9.2
5 year 11.5


Please refer to the Sundaram’s website for specific details

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