PHP Basics Part 4-Array Guide

In this chapter, we are going to go through PHP arrays, for loop, while loop and other related aspects of PHP. We have already covered some ground including php basics, variables and functions. This is time to take it the slightly next level. if you have gone through the first three chapters of this PHP […]

PHP Basics Part3-Learn PHP Functions

In our last post about PHP variable, we came across example where we talked about function. If you haven’t gone through that then you can read PHP Basics Part 2. Functions in programming languages are used to perform certain functions/actions like calculation, displaying time & year.  These are some of the most basic examples of […]

PHP Basics Part 2-Learn Variables

In the previous post of PHP basics part 1, we have gone through the php definition, details, how to set up a php development region and broad level syntax details. In this php basic part 2, we are going to dive further and take a look at some of the most important aspects of php. […]

Learn PHP Basics Part 1-Definition & Details

If you are looking to learn php, then I am creating this php basics tutorial which could help you in understanding the php. This tutorial is targeted towards people with no to little technical backgrounds and beginners. In this tutorial, we will use simple examples. This php learning course will be progressive in nature and […]

How To Learn Php, JavaScript & Web Design

Are you a budding programmer or someone looking to learn programming and coding? Have you seen so many folks around you building websites, android and iPhone apps to make loads of money? In fact, if you are a blogger then you might have already purchased few wordpress plugins to add functionality or design your blog. […]