How To Learn Php, JavaScript & Web Design

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Are you a budding programmer or someone looking to learn programming and coding? Have you seen so many folks around you building websites, android and iPhone apps to make loads of money?

In fact, if you are a blogger then you might have already purchased few wordpress plugins to add functionality or design your blog.

Is it Easy to Learn Programming?

Learning programming may sound a lot geeky but it’s not. It’s like learning any other new language. In fact it is easier to learn programming languages than spoken language simply because human emotions are far more complicated and expressing them using any language is a much more complex activity than computer languages.

Computer languages are complex but you can learn them even without any technical background. In there are many who have learned them and making their living out of it.

Programming is the current and future of this world, you can create website or apps which can yield millions for you. You just need an idea.

Just look at the number of apps in the android and itune directories, there are millions of apps and still they are downloaded and sold.

So it is comparatively easy to make money with apps.

If you are a internet marketers then you know that maximum amount of money is made by developers who create themes, plugins and other web developers. You will make much more money if you can create your own product than what you will make through internet marketing or review blogs.

How To Learn Programming?

Programming is a vast ocean and you need to understand your target. Just as in case of spoken languages, there are hundreds of languages human speak around the world but you don’t know or learn all.

You definitely know one language, your native language and then probably one or two languages which are important for you, professionally or personally.

Similarly in case of coding also, you need to know only two to three languages and related fields.

For example, if you want to become a web designer then you need to focus on CSS and HTML and few related aspects whereas if you want to become a web developer then you can add php and javascript to the above list of CSS & HTML.

If you are beginner then it is very difficult to understand what you need to learn and what should be ignored.

Therefore it is important for you to opt for a good course which takes care of these details like TeamTreeHouse.

For beginners, instead of going to learn individual languages and then figuring out you needed to learn something else at later stage could be frustrating while wasting your time.

Learning php or learning Javascript or even learning ruby on rails as a standalone subjects is neither complete nor feasible.

You need to learn related languages to create a complete product.

There are certain phases through which you need to go before becoming a complete programmer.

Most of the website and applications today run on php and javascript. If you want to become a comprehensive php developer to create website or wordpress plugins then, you need to learn;

  • PHP in details
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Now don’t get overwhelmed by these four names. It is fairly easy to learn and achieve it if you follow a particular order and regime.

You can use free resources like w3school but problem is you don’t know where to begin and where to stop.

You need an organized solution where above mentioned four subjects are presented to you in a organized manner and are explained, not only in details but also interesting way.

I have been using for some time now and I can say it affirmately that they are one of best resources to learn programming of any kind.

First of all, everything is presented through videos where there tutor explain every concept in these languages and then most of the videos are followed by quiz and challenges.

In quiz you have to answer question and in challenges, they will present certain conditions and you will have to code to fulfill or achieve them. As these quizzes and challenges are specifically related to individual videos, they are extremely helpful in learning coding bit by bit in smaller but effective steps.

Teamtreehouse provide huge library of video courses related to;

  1. Php
  2. Html
  3. Css
  4. Javascript
  5. WordPress
  6. How to build android apps
  7. How to build iphone apps
  8. How to become a web developer
  9. Ruby on rails

They have designed specific course for specific objective. So if you want to make a social networking site like Facebook and Twitter, you can opt for appropriate tracks (specific courses in teamtreehouse is called track).

In fact, in Ruby on Rail track which is one of the best resource to learn ruby on rails, they will teach it from basic to advance while making a social networking site.

Similary if you want to make a android app, then you can opt for that track. In that track, you will get everything step by step and by the end of that track, you will create your own advance app.

You can modify same code to quickly create some other app.

You can do same for every other programming language and concept.

When you login to teamtreehouse, you will get a huge library of videos related to programming and tracks like shown in the picture. You can opt for appropriate tracks to follow a particular course.

learn php, javascript, coding


How Do You Plan To Learn Programming Now?

There are many php training or programming training programs available online but as mentioned earlier, you may get overwhelmed by that information. Sometime you need to learn something else before you go on to learn your primary subject in order to understand it well.

for example, learning php, css and javascript is essential to buld a good php based website.

In case of other free resources, every topic is presented a separate topic and you need to figure out what should be read before and after whereas in case of teamtreehouse, they have built tracks which out everything in order for better understanding.

But at the end, teamtreehouse is just a source, if you are comfortable with something else, you should try that.

But remember to practice to your code regularly to get the best of it.

As mentioned earlier, learning programming is not very hard but it needs dedication, some efforts and above all, planning your actions and steps.

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