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Term Insurance Quotes play a huge role in final purchasing decision of the customers seeking term insurance. Term Insurance policies are inexpensive and low cost life insurance products. They are affordable and nowadays readily available through online life insurance related website.  There are numerous website which can give you term insurance quotes online. But one of the most important factor is often ignored is the company’s claim ratio. Term insurance quotes are the premium amount one has to pay to get Term Insurance.

Term Insurance Quotes are relatively lower than other type of life insurance products. Term insurance is  one of the cheapest life insurance product available to the customers primarily because Term insurance policy do not provide any maturity benefit. Therefore, they are the cheapest insurance product in the market.

Term Insurance Quotes mainly depend upon the mortality rate of that age group and amount of insurance.As mentioned earlier, they do not provide any maturity benefits, though, one can get a option of return of premium term insurance policy where premiums are refunded at the end of the policy term if insured survives.

We tend to give more importance to the cost while purchasing most of the products. But in case of term insurance, this should not be the case. One of the biggest reason for that is less difference in the term insurance quotes offered by most of the insurance provider for a given age and amount.

So if there is not much difference between the rate of insurance then its better to focus upon the services and brand of the company. In fact if you compare the term insurance quotes, you will find that quotes of bigger and older life insurance companies would be higher than the newer and smaller companies.

The objective of purchasing term insurance should not be buying  just for the tax benefits or simply because everyone around you buying it. It should be protect your family in case of the event. That is why the primary factor which should drive your purchasing decision should be the claim ratio of the company. It is released by the regulator and you can have a insight into the claim disbursal of the company.

Company with least pending numbers should be focused and those with high claim rejection rate should be avoided. And after verifying the other details of the company like its brand and reliability, one should go for a better insurance life insurance company even if it involves paying a bit more that products.

Term insurance quotes are important but should not be decisive factor.


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  1. term insurance products are good but they should be bought from good companies only…..

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