Agentpress Theme Review-Best WordPress Real Estate Theme

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If you are a real estate agent or company, you need strong online presence. There is no way you can build strong business without having a good online presence. A website help you in building credibility.

People trust you and you are easily able to convert your prospects. You can list down all the properties available with all the details.

You also need to add some contact form for your form to reach you.

One of the most important feature of a real estate agency website is a search form for properties.

Now you can get a website created for you by some website developer but it won’t be cost effective and then maintaining it will be a tough task for you.

One of the most important aspect of maintaining a real estate website is to constantly update information like property details and their images. If your website is created by some website developer, it will be a manual exercise for you. Now maintaining this information is extremely difficult for non-technical users.

You need ready to use themes which automate the entire process of adding and removing properties. You need something which is easy to use and maintain.

Agentpress Theme Review-Best WordPress Real Estate Theme

Agentpress theme from studiopress theme collection is the best wordpress real estate theme. Agentpress theme has been designed specifically for real estate websites. So you will find everything in it which is required to create fully functional and attractive real estate website.

Studiopress is the most established name in wordpress theme industry.

Agentpress help real estate brokers and companies by providing beautiful design, great functionality and dynamic listing.

Studiopress themes are based on Genesis 2.0 framework. It is one of the best framework in the industry. It supports html5, microdata and upgraded security features.

Studiopress themes are loaded with features and so as agentpress theme. You get widgets and everything ready to use. These themes are well coded and provide better page load speed. This is very important for business websites because if website loads slow, it will have a negative impact on your customer friendliness.

Your customers will like your website if it loads fast. Also, as a business website if your website loads slow and consume more resources. Then you will have to spend extra money on hosting also. So it is better to purchase a theme which is well coded.

Agentpress Theme Review

Agentpress theme for real estate websites is the best wordpress real estate theme.

Some of the most important features of agentpress theme are;

  • 5 color styles
  • Image slide to display your top properties
  • 6 layout options
  • Custom background
  • Custom header
  • Custom menus
  • Featured images
  • Fixed width
  • Theme options
  • Threaded comments
  • Search menu for your users to search properties as shown in the image above
  • Show your property with attractive images and all the details.

Agentpress Theme Review Conclusion

Agentpress theme is the best wordpress real estate theme. If you are looking for a theme which is extremely easy to install and ready to use, then look no further. You have to pay one time charge of $99.95 and you will get genesis, agentpress theme with lifetime free updates. It is a one time payment and your business deserve that.

Studiopress themes are best and if you are looking for premium wordpress themes which support security, html5, SEO and loaded with features then they are the best in business.

If you need theme for blogs and other kind of websites, then you can check out their collection.

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Sharing is Caring
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