Best Affordable Smartphones in India

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It is very difficult to sort out best affordable smart phones in India.  And in case of smart phones, there would be always a different meaning of best for different individuals.  For some, definition of best for smart phones would be internet browsing; some will focus on social networking and then camera, video, games or look.  And also in case of affordable, price range will vary from individual to individual when it comes to being affordable. But as we are talking about smart phones, we will focus upon phones around Rs 15000. In terms of usage, they will have most of the features which you will expect from a good smart phone.

Best affordable smart phones in India should have common features like internet browsing, good looks, battery backup and basic apps. The four smart phones which anybody can consider in India are;

Best Affordable Smartphones in India

Lot of water has flown since our last post and smartphones are now dominated by technical specifications, usability, features and probably above all, branding. In this over-crowded segment of affordable smartphones in india, i have picked some of the best available smartphones. These smartphones can easily beat any high end smartphones in terms of specs, usability and features. I have compiled this list, you can visit any link for their details;

This is not any ranking, but these are best budget smartphones available in the Indian market.

List below is outdated so i will not suggest referring them.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 – Samsung Galaxy is one of the most established brands in smart phone category. Samsung Galaxy Ace5830 is a handset which is like an ideal smart phone which an average Indian would prefer. Coming from Samsung, it is backed by well tested technology. It is running on Android v2.3 along with 800 Mhz processor. With 5 megapixel camera, it is a very good buy for customers who are looking for an smart phones which is good yet affordable. Prices may vary from city to city, it is close to Rs 18000 in many Indian cities but you can get it at lower rates at flipkart.You can purchase this from flipkart at Rs 14040 only

Motorola Defy Plus – Motorola Defy Plus is a product of global cell phone maker Motorola. Motorola has been struggling to make their presence felt in Indian market. But still no one can deny them their global position and they do produce powerful handsets. Motorola Defy Plus is one of Motorola best products in Indian market. Motorola Defy Plus also runs on Android v2.3 OS but it is associated with 1Ghz processor. It has also got a 5 mega pixel camera.  It is also available around Rs 18000 in Indian market.Buy Motorola Defy Plus (Graphite Grey) from for lower prices
HTC Desire – HTC Desire is a phone to reckon with. HTC is one of the early phone makers to start the trend of smart phones in the world. Their experience is well reflected in their handsets. HTC Desire is powered by Android v2.1 and comes with 1 Ghz processor. HTC phones are equipped with HTC’s technology HTC Sense which makes them ahead of any other smart phones in the similar category. They are extremely user friendly, for example- ringing phone go quiet by just flipping it or making your phone ring louder when you are out on a busy street. HTC handsets are loaded with features therefore they slightly high priced than other phones in the same segment.HTC Desire is available at flipkart for Rs 18599 only

Nokia Lumia 710 – Nokia Lumia 710 is probably the latest phone in this segment and it definitely deserves a watch. Nokia Lumia 710 is windows smart phone and it is powered by latest windows 7.5 OS along with 1.4 Ghz processor.  Nokia Lumia 710 is beautiful handset with smart features. Like most of the other smart phones in this segment, it is available in the range of 16000-18000 rupees in India.Nokia Lumia 710 (Black) is available at for Rs 15499 only

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  1. which companys mobile (sufing mobile) will be good for trading on nse/bse on th go. pl give modle number. [email protected]

    • akhilendra says

      it depends upon your brokerage firm. Brokerage firms like sharekhan, geojit gives mobile apps to their users which can be easily used on android and nokia phones. first check with your brokerage and let me know, other than this, if you go to access their website on cell phone, then you may have some problem because of the internet connection speed and browser settings which are required to support these share market tickers.

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