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Indian stock market has been doing well for last some days. It has bought back not only relief for the existing investors but also, optimism on the Dalal Street. Stock markets have gone through a lot of beating in the last few months. It has pushed away the short term traders away from the stock market.Recent up rise has bought them back, but they are not sure what stocks to pick because lot of stocks have already moved up.Picking up long term stock is comparatively easy than picking up for short term trading. Best stocks for long term are those which are fundamentally good and belongs to sector which is expected to perform well in the next 1-3 year time frame. But even a good fundamentally stock may fall in short term which is a good opportunity to accumulate them for long term, but for short term traders that is immaterial.Best stock term stocks for 2010 were a mixed bag of large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks but equation is completely different in 2011. Since its inception, year has been bad for stocks. Stock market has been gone through a lot of pain. Stock market has fallen consistently and there are lot of Geo-Political factors which are still unclear.

Factors which bought the market are still out there. Issues like inflation, instability in domestic political situation and international factors are still intact and much have not changed in the last one week or so but stock markets has been rallying for last few days. Lot of good stock has already gone up and it is very difficult for the short term traders to pick any stock and assume that it can only up.

Market is so uncertain that market can swing in any direction so the best short term stock pick should be Large cap companies. Large cap companies have performed well in the past. Last rally was dominated by banking and auto sectors. When market went down, they got a lot of beating, so they are currently trading at the lower levels than their last six months highs. Technical and FMCG sectors along with Pharma sector has also done very well in last few months.

They still remain the favorite of the investors. Best bet for the short term would be these large cap companies. And in terms of the sectors also, favorites remain same. Banking,Auto, FMCG and Pharma sectors are still some of the best sector to bet. Pick technically sound stock, go through their charts and verify the indicators. Technical Charts are best tool to figure out the best stock picks for short term. If the indicators are indicating a up move or down move, you can take a position accordingly. Don’t forget to put a stop loss.

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